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like the different gestures... it has some smart irony for me :-)

Your work is always most interesting and cerebrally stimulating.
although I see humor in your work Jennifer, I also know it goes a lot deeper, and has profound meaning. Good job on this piece. Kev.

very intriguing!

very well created; superbly well seen. beautiful scene of life, and superb title !.. ( most often, a creation come from simple ideas.. ). have a nice day jennifer

great to engage with.......fascinating on many levels.......!

Vision Surrealistic of the Folie Bérgère !!! Bravo !! It's a DADAist Creation !!

This is strong work, Jennifer!

I really like this... brought me back to childhood, playing w/ barbie, breaking barbies, also playing pin the tail on the donkey at birthday parties too.... your wonderful art always tell magnificant meaningful and profound stories.

Fantastic! Great composition, Jennifer! Congratulations!

~ D~E~L~I~G~H~T~F~U~L ~ !!! Lovely work. Strong image!

I love this creative artwork, Jennifer...! You rock, my friend...

Super idea !

Shouts 'creativity' from the rooftops!

Very, very nice work!

So perfect in every sense. VERY BEAUTIFUL

Magnifico trabajo, saludos

Surprising, intriguing, thrilling. Exciting!

I like the unexpectedness of this.. very imaginative and original

Fantastic art work! Interesting mixture of media! Great impression!!!

I love this .. it speaks so strongly with no words ..... excellent, Jennifer !! so dynamic !!!!! Best wishes !!!

fantatsic compo

Absolutely fantastic!!! :0)

What a strenght Jennifer!!! So much power in those colors and the talk through the persons.. !!!

Excellent work; very creative :-D

Beautiful work. Ken

beautiful, so creative work! :] oOo

Very, very beautiful Jennifer !!!!

Fascinating Jennifer, just fascinating

Excelente tu arte, Jennifer!

Great work Jennifer..Crazy yes ,but alive!..

wonderful this!!!!

Those bloody hands and arms add a an edge of terror to this one. One of the children looks like she might not have my best interests at heart either:) Deliciously spooky, this one.

lovely work !!

Love the heads with the arms.... is that an all woman army!?

Wow! Cool.

intuitive and witty!!

It's fun !!!

cool work

bela fotografia - parabens e bom fim de semana...

Another masterpiece!!!

Salute, Jennifer!!! I wish you very nice weekend!! Great Job!!!

Hi Jennifer, hope all is good with you, loving this one, I totally get where you're coming from with this one! ;-))


The first time I saw this artwork wasn't long after I saw Gadaffi on television angry yelling at his people calling them betrayers. His arms pointing and moving angry. I saw the large figure in your work yelling/screaming and the little figures full of fear. I was touched by looking at it and had associations with the lybian reality. The people are not only filled with fear, but also filled with anger and determined to free themselves. Their lifes will get color again even after pain and grief over losses (doll heads... laughing... only one arm).

A unique masterpiece in which the world has never seen before.

So abstract, i like it so much...

master's perfection

you are so eccentrique my dear artist


si e molto originale il fatto che sembrano evadere ,scappare da qul spazzio troppo stretto ...un pò come mi sento io tante volte ...complimenti !|!|


fantastic imagination, Jennifer!


strange and intriguing. not at all the way i remember the folies bergere, time to revisit? maybe they finally got an edge to their work, the way you do, jennifer.

fantastic piece! Wow!

Fantastic use of mixed media! And congratulations on the soaring popularity of your work!!!!


Este trabajol, muy creativo. Felicidades compañero. Un saludo Fernando, desde Madrid

Boa produção muito bem executada!!! Parabéns.

Bizarre and great!

Interesting and exotic work !!!! Very different work !!!

another fascinating piece -- great work!


Love what you have done to the heads

Fascinating piece Jennifer.

Very good work :)

Hi Jennifer..hope all is well with you

Wonderful creation


great work!

A happy piece makes do a dance at the computer chair.

It looks like the man does not want to play

Un peu fou, yes - but fun!

This is so wonderful

this is cool!!

excellent...really like this one

Wonderful creation!

Creepy cool!

fine work from a fine artist !!!


Wacky.....But good!

I like how you go beyond the frames

Great use of the Barbie parts :)

You have such a cool imagination.

Very nice art !

Gute Arbeit!

What a creative piece!

Colorful creativity.

Amazing creative work!

I like your style. Oh yeah!

Belle création….

Very dramatic piece Jennifer.

I laughed at the Title (in Thumbnail it looked as if a Man U supporter was cheering a goal!!), and at your description.....I absolutely adore the grimace from the Ring-a-ring-a rosies laddie....!! Like this one, Jennifer

An outstanding piece of work ... superb creativity and colours!!

Scaring piece... but interesting!

It's always so fascinating to see what you do with your collected pieces :) and it's interesting what different things different people see in your pictures.

Great colours and captures the real folies.

fantastic Jennifer...amazing artwork...love the 3 girls coming out of the main wood piece...brilliant..

this image is so alive it almost seems to change as I look...great work

Joyful, exuberant, a trifle worried, but overall it exudes life and vitality. My reaction is of Ring a Ring of Roses blended with Blind Man's Bluff (that made me think of a variation of Bruegel's Blind leading the blind), happy dancing hands, waving and smiling, and that glorious red-overalled figure shouting to the heavens. Like a glorious burst of SHOUT.


a very unique game of ring-around-the-strange-farmer...love it a lot

Wild and entertaining.

Beautiful work :-)

a very original interpretation, Jennifer, your creativity is always effective and full of meaning !
my best wishes for a creative 2016 !

Such great work, Jennifer! Always amazing, my friend!

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folies bergere
mixed media on wood: acrylic paint, collaged paper, doll arms, doll heads, straight pins, beads, jewels
13" X 12 1/2" X 2"