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mixed media in wood fruit box: watercolor paint, acrylic metallic paint, collaged paper, doll's hands, dental mold (of my teeth), plastic action figure toy, plastic ballerina, weathered piece of wood, stamps, bone, bottlecaps.

11" x 7 1/2" x 4"


art space gallery
750 center street
herndon, va.
16 february-11 march, 2012

comments made:

this is awesome, Jennifer!!! love the arms

Love this one.

provocative and very well done...

Pretty fantastic work, Jennifer. I love all the arms.

Love this idea! Great!!!

what an imagination you have. this work just shouts!

great creative, fascinating work you are doing!!

What a mix of objects and elements. Very expressive piece.

Fascinating work...very interesting and outstanding...well done my friend..your thoughts are so
rebellious and different...love it

Surreal e genial. Sua arte é sempre magnífica e surpreendente minha amiga. Abraço

fantastica!!=) un saludo y buena semana

Madly Lonely Madness!!!
Afraid Madness
Crazy Alive
ask for Touch, want Hug
You Are Always Strong!
My Honest Friend!
It is privilege to know You.

way cool

Beyond cool!

Fascinating work...very interesting and outstanding...well done my friend..your thoughts are so rebellious and different...love it

Superb work!

Great work Jennifer!!

Awesome work!! Love this!!!

Love it!!!!!!! Can't stop looking at all the amazing little details.

A wonderful creation my friend !!!

Wow, this looks like an old cinema poster Jennifer.

An old movie poster brought dynamically to life.

Superbe dessin !

The science of fear!

superb !!!


Dass hat ein Vintage look, gefällt mir sehr!

Très Original - Bonne soirée !

Excellent work Jennifer , great to see what can be done with a fruit box , paints and a lot of imagination .

Very Nice.

love it and love the title- we all get that sometimes!!!

Merci d'exister!

Awesome work!! Love this!!!

Great work Jennifer!!

awesome this

Superb work!

GreAt artwOrk!!!


Aways Very GOOD job

amazing! :)

This is a very interesting piece.


absolute wonder!!!

Hi Jennifer I have commented on your work in the past and these come up when other people comment, I then visited your site again to see the recent work, I do like your work and will keep in touch. cheers Tim

Amazing creation.

CLASSIC, Jennifer!

Great work Jennifer!!

Jennifer, my most favorite creative genius, I must apologize for neglecting you these past few weeks! I have seen some of your newer creations & I must say--you are consistently on TOP, no matter what you are doing! I particularly love this, & would sell my soul to get it--so if I have anything--& I have plenty of posters--I would be willing to trade--or just set a price! I usually don't buy art, unless it is rings, or weird jewelery(like from the hippie-days)... but you are exceptionally prolific in your talent & creativity & mind-blowing graphic presentations--if you were Mexican, you'd be an icon, like Frieda Khalo! Next week, when I come back here to work, the 28th@midnight, I will spend some real viewing time on your most
recent gems! Love your genius & masterful creations! & Thanks so much Collage-Nikov. Best wishes!

Fantástico e lindo. Grande abraço minha amiga

Excellent image...well done my friend..! Really amazing..:)

Un trabajo excepcional, me gusta,

great work ..

clever n cool concept. like a 50's dream. well done

I love this!

This is a real winner.

withstands the test of time!

A superb picture Jennifer

This looks fabulous

Great creation!

superb conceptual, greatly composed and with a perfect choice of tones !

Great idea and a wonderful execution

WOW!...Absolutely stunning!

Very original Jennifer !!!


superbe travail et merveilleuse réalisation Jenny ! bravo ! belle journée ma mie ! bisous

Amazing composition , dear Jennifer !
as immersion in nightmares or concerns, from which our hair turns gray! ;-)
Powerful art, about universal themes (maybe only not for Barbies) which has the impact !!!

Oh wow!!!! Absolutely awesome work!!!!

Incredible vintage work!

Fantastic, Jennifer!

Beautiful image ! Lovely composition Very well done Jennifer !!!

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