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The picture is superb

Most excellent work again!!!

very strong piece Jennifer - liked it a lot!

fabulous work Jennifer!

Jennifer, this is really great work ... it's wonderful !

Excellent Work!

gran trabajo

it's wonderful!!!

I really like this one - superb

Hi, Jennifer! Very nice work!

Buen trabajo ,muy creativo e ingenioso,tanto tiempo sin saber de ti. Saludos!!!!!

beautiful, powerful work! :]

powerful work !!!

This is a beautiful work ... interesting for the esoteric-magical effect!!


Terrific creation Jennifer.

An well executed piece of work ... terrific creative format and well presented ... an interesting composition!!

Fabulous artistic presentation Jennifer!

Great work Jennifer !!

A beautiful work of art

Great painting , and your "intentions" are very touching !!!!
Arteterapy - The spirit fights against "the heavy matter" ? ... Does that help ?I hope ...
Have a good day, dear Jennifer ! :-)

A piece of art with magical powers! Having been to New Orleans I know the power of voodoo!


Magnifique Jennifer !

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offering 3
mixed media on wood: acrylic paint, collaged paper, star jewels, mexican heart candle holder
23" X 19" X1"