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i had this "garden trellis" in my garden for several years. and yes, the "objects" were attached (i have a strange garden!). when i felt the trellis was sufficiently "weathered" i brought it in and "made art"!
i usually put objects in my garden to weather them. i like the "look".

of course the "back" painting was not weathered in my garden. i painted it and attached the trellis to it.

mixed media: weathered garden trellis, dolls, nails, collaged paper, bone, jewels, shells, cord, drink stirrer, glass globules, beads, mirrors, necklace, milagro, acrylic paint, spray paint, watercolor paint, old coin, tumbled glass, bottle caps, stamps, dental mold teeth, child's toy figure, marble

38" x 18 1/2" x 3"


Like a shrine... And deeply rich.


Hi Jennifer, Love this peice, it is really appealing to the eye. The colours are great, but the trellis really draws me. i like the shape, then the details pop out. Good work :)

amazing, jennifer, as usual!!!

Love the weathering and a great, smart idea...

Brava, ottima composizione. Complimenti. Colori fantastici

Very good!. You are so creative. Like it very much.

It's an excellent piece jennifer. I like very much your work. You use everything, nothing is thrown. Well done!!!

you are amazing...it's brilliant. brava!!!

Really cool colors and designs!!!

J'aime cette création

very cool and creative, Jennifer!

love your work !!!!!!

Unique and beautiful. colorfully visual :=)


Great detail, jennifer!! A lot of dynamics in this painting as the Running (you) is so lively...

beautiful composition!!!

i really like that running woman, it looks so vivid.

Hello Jennifer How promised, I'm here.This work is very interesting.The title as well.good work, nice colors.I like the colors and the flower is very beautiful, too!

I love what you love beautiful colors magnificently ..

very cool and creative, Jennifer!

great art

beautiful artwork!!

Beautiful colours and composition !!! Wonderful work !!!


I always enjoy your work!!

So good!

Wonderful ~!~

I love the colours!

Fantastic art and color excitement - tells a unique story - it's lovely, indeed - and wonderfully creative.

jennifer ,Nice work ,,,!!


Excellent Art Work as always!

Great work, Jennifer! I like the colors and the whole strange composition.

Very good!


Amazing ~

Amazing work--...well done

Muy curioso, bonito colorido, me dan ganas de preguntarte a quién representa la persona que corre , je je, un abrazo.

Once more, Jennifer: Briliiant!!

Wow!!! These colours are out of this world!!!.....Groovyal

Beautiful piece of art; splendid :-D

Great one Jennifer!

Amazes me how you put things together so successfully each time!!!

Happy paradise !

love it!!!

wonderful assemblage, beautiful to see objects from your life included like the trellis. the running figure is full of life

great work..

Very very nice!

Superb art Jennifer. Ken

I love this! So fun.


fantastic creation !!!

Paintings, modern or old, are to interpret, thats my opinion!
Good photos as well! again such a work ;.) At the first glance, a funny image with playing children, dancing in the garden. But one of the children look not so friendly.
One children makes large eyes, why? On children looks like the little brother on the left not so friendly looking guy. The work is very artistic, like all your paintings. My question, dear Jennifer, is it necessary to interpret a painting, or not? I have no idea, I'm old fashioned, I told it you:-))

I love that you love beautiful colors magnificently

Another awesome creation Jennifer!!! Congrats!

fun and lovely

Wonderful art, very expressive


oh wow...supercool!!

my super creative friend!!

That's so cool.

intriguing work, Jennifer - I like it and the colours!! ^^

Fun artwork, Jennifer...!

This is an incredibly involved process and the results fully justify it.Outstanding image!

This is great !!! :)

A true Stunning art work, Jennifer. Hugs :-)

Fantastic Jennifer! :0)

absolute beauty

very nice!!!

Great !! :)

Charmant !


The eyes in the center...perfect, Jennifer!!

very strong impressive ...strong colors go very well with the different details...very interesting piece of art.

beautiful colors...

nice colour

great work :)

This is one of your best, Jennifer! Very expressive and really greAt!!!

Interesting and colorful work!

something happened... this is so different from your previous works; very reflexive, less stressed-out and kind of melancholic.

Excellent as always

What a great idea!! Fantastic.

Excellent colors

Where has this been hiding?! The portrait in the middle is perfect!

really love this.

Great art work!!

fine work as always !!!

Superb work Jennifer.

A brilliant collection of characters and colors...and legs, too. Your garden produced a great harvest!

I try to imagine your garden :) its harvest is used very creatively by you, Jennifer...I like this v-shaped creation very much.

Full of fresh greenery and life

Great to see and enjoy, Jennifer :) *****

I wouldn't want to ruin the artwork by planting something here...beauty

Very original and creative

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