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we all have fears, anxieties, concerns. how best to deal with them?
if we let them they can "consume" us....or...we can deal with them directly, head on, conquer and extinguish them as best we can.
that is what i prefer to do...whenever possible.
sometimes it is an arduous task.

this is my psychological study of how i deal with my anxieties. i prefer to confront them head on. otherwise they can paralyze me.


I have gone through a lot of fears in my life....also phobia...for me the only thing what really helps is: to accept my fear and say ok and concentrate on my breath...also speak gathas again and again...gathas are like little poems...they at once bring the breath to a deeper level....
...then my fear becomes smaller...out of fear I started to draw and paint...when i could not sleep in the night I started to draw my sleeping son...I started with fear and at the end there was no more fear...I am only drawing and painting since one year....fear helped me to find this way...I am very thankful....and I am not afraid so much now....
Your picture speaks its own language as always....I love the colors you use ...the material...your art is unique....
Thanks that you speak about this theme...so many people have fears...it is still a tabu as people feel ashamed....

E' piuttosto arrabbiato, il tizio! Bello scatto.

i love your work....this is so strong and vibrant and the accompanying text makes it amazing

Jennifer, this is beyond the beyond, EXCELLENT!!
We can relate! So moved by the starkness of this pastel--the nude upper bodies, the green hand/arm as a wing extending the eating head, the upper left hand/arm and the finger extensions, encouraging the eating head---we can go on & on! Very powerful piece!!

jennifer, this is so strong. just amazing. you always seem fearless to me!

Super work !! I admire this !


Megatastic Art

SUCH brilliant work dear friend! I never cease to be in awe of your work.

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pastel 31: eating one's fear
mixed media: pastels on cardboard framed on wood, collaged paper, tissue paper, stamps
24" x 19"