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pastels on cardboard framed on wood

24" x 19"

comments made:

Very evocative scene. Thank you for your art!

Your work is stupendous!!!

so beautiful!!!!

apart from one leg, it's a perfect match... the fireworks of chance, life would be boring otherwise.

Wonderful flow of sweet colors, your artwork amazes me Jennifer!

I admire your imagination!

Brilliant work Jennifer! <3


Super cool!

Jennifer, you are endlessly inventive! I really like your style!


Amazing one Jennifer!!!

You know, I love the most your works, but sorry, I look sao often to your pictures, now I don't really know, which of them I had commendet and my Enflish is not so perfect, so I do not always find the right words.


Hi Jennifer, fantastic set of images! :-)

Creative and fun, Jennifer...!

Very nice work!!!

Love the colors

wonderful work

So fantastic!!!


Your concepts are extreme ~ Great stuff my friend

We both see something new in your work every-time we look at it, each piece is so wonderful.

love it :)

Pink and orange...great combo...happy, happy colors and mood, Jennifer... Have a great day!

great artwork


great picture fantastic evening to you :)


Lindas cores nesta composição!!! Parabéns.


Impressive Art Work !

As always, most definitely outside the edge! Powerfully thought provoking.

so beautiful!!!!

Nice! Love the colors and the composition. Very thought-provoking.



Very Amazing & brilliant! Fabulous tones, splendid work!

Your colour is always so good!

Very striking and provoking scene, but impressive painting !

Love the way the blocks of colour work here Jennifer, the figure in the centre reminds me of the way my wife grabs my eyes when she sees something that she likes, just to give me a subtle hint.

creativity at the top as always !

Lovely work:)

The lady is certainly the center of some very unique and colorful attention. I love it.

A superb painting

There is a lightness here, I thought of skipping.....and joy!

very, very good!!!!

Brilliant rich pastel colours and lovely lines on this artwork, Jennifer! A fabulous creative painting too!

Wonderful to see these colours and composition again, Jennifer...hugs for this weekend

Fantastic pastel!

Your image is as beautiful as I hope your weekend will be

Great painting ! ( we say also on pastel drawings = painting ). :-)

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