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mixed media on wood: watercolor paint, mud cloth (made by me), animal bone, animal jaw bone, shells, nails, marbles, stones, cigar mold, african fetish ring, bone, beads from africa.

19" x 14"

this new art piece is a totally different "style" for me (sort of). for those of you familiar with my art you know that i have worked in mixed media/collage previously.
but normally i do not work "non representationally" (if that is the correct word?). there are usually "figures" "people""creatures" in my art.
however, for this piece, they did not seem to belong.
i must confess that it was quite hard for me to NOT put a figure/face/hand/etc. in the art piece. i resisted mightily...and am pleased i did. they would not compliment the piece i don't think.

still, this is a new style for me...and although i like it and am quite satisfied...it turned out exactly as i envisioned it in my mind's eye before i began...i am still not use to not seeing my "usual cast of characters".

i am pleased that i tried something different and new (for me). an auspicious way to begin 2010!


Beautiful work!!!!

I like this!

Most profound work. I am very much a fan of all materials used in it.

there's something about this picture I can't really explain. At first glance it's very beautifully naive, but then there's also something below the surface, something that stays with you.

Truly cool and Earthy

Wonderful color in this work of yours!!!!!

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africa series 9: making mud cloth 2