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on exhibition at:

arlington arts center
5179 # B lee highwa
arlington, VA. 22027
15 september-10 october 2012

art space gallery
750 center street
herndon, va.
16 february-11 march, 2012

artdc gallery
5710 baltimore avenue
hyattsville, maryland 20781
12 december-4 january 2010

comments made:

jennifer...wooooww!!! this is so awesome. love the babies and bottlecaps and really just everything about it.

Interesting and intense piece, great.

Very beautiful this work, I loved the whole composition!

Incredible work! I love it!

J'aime ce travail. Bravo !

I can look at it for hours stirs up alot of emotions. Great work Jennifer.

wow, superb artwork!

very cool.....and scary.

awe inspiring, original, simply put: "great art"

Magnifico, fantastic composed and colours !!

oh my. this is delightful


great work

Bizarre and very cool!

Jennifer, this is wonderful use of mixed materials!
Bundles of babies being beastly!?!?

Excellent and.....Really Beautiful!!

Great work...and unique as usual...

love this composition!

Interesting and intense piece, great.

Very beautiful this work, I loved the whole composition!

very nice! like it!

oh my. this is delightful. a great big baby exploration.

I can look at it for hours stirs up alot of emotions. Great work Jennifer.

wow, superb artwork!

Original work. Compliments!

very cool.....and scary.

so true, awe inspiring, original, simply put: "great art"

way to go, jennifer! hope you had a great Thanksgiving


a loaded composition of feeling, of suffering! I interpret it really with all that that happens us in our today's life! My dear friend, wishes you a splendid weekend that am full of light!

A very creative and interesting work of art...!

ciao artista!!!! sei grande!! ciao lucio

Jennifer you are the GREATEST!!!!!!

Powerful work!

So fantastic - you make me think, think, think, and not be afraid of things. You make things beautiful in the way you tell the story with your art. Bravo - you are brilliant - but you know that -- thought I would tell you anyway. :))))

FUN-ART-IO! ...eine ECHT coole Arbeit. Congratulations! ...hier gibts ne Menge zu entdecken. Macht ganz viel Spaß die Geschichte.

Beautiful and creepy. Such a fantastic piece.

Incredible imagination.

This is a remarkable work...very powerful and absorbing..love it..Jennifer..

I think particularly of the hunger and lack of food in the world !

great art!

Intriguing, Jennifer...!

Bizarre and wonderful!

woww, super work!

Beautiful work!!! One of my new faves!!!

I like this one Jennifer and think it is in my top 10

superb creation !!!

Fantástico trabalho com criatividade!!! Parabéns.

Stunning one Jennifer.

Terribles tous ces montages ! travail fabuleux .

Unos trabajos muy interesantes. Veo a también a Saturno devorando a su hijo, una gran simbología !

Absolutely stunning! Great painting, Jennifer!

I have to think trying to understand about the faces of children, but it is a really beautiful painting, dear Jennifer. And very original.

An artistic view to what goes on inside. Smart and powerful.

another fine work of art!

One of your best, Jennifer. Emotive with great visual impact. Your creativity is unique and powerful

I'm a real fan of your creations.

Incredible creation!

loving your work

So artistic...Stunnin' work indeed :)

Interesting symbolism

Outstanding work.

Tu est une artiste jennifer je vois pas ça tout les jours je sais que c'est du boulot et c'est pour ça que je trouve ça bien ton partage j'aime beaucoup ta vision ..jos

An awesome painting

Wow, what woe! The background supports your theme, too: hospital green fading toward black. Somehow I don't see these children growing up to become healthy, happy adults :-)


Excellent creation ! Have a happy day , dear Jennifer ! :-)

Lovely work my friend:))

Beautiful work Jennifer

terrific conceptual work !!!!

Nice one! I particularly like the background, both the color and the repetition of smaller elements.

Excellent work Jennifer it`s the inside on the outside

This is awesome

Incredible work of Art !!!

Very creative artistic work. Well done Jennifer Regards Tess

Jennifer.. je découvre en toi une VRAIE ARtisTEeeeeeeeeeeeeee

as original and impressive as all your work.

A real good job, Jennifer !

Great to see this once more Jennifer, compelling image, with so much detail and imagery


Verstörend, aufrüttelnd - berührend!

always thought-provoking........

Fantastic painting Jennifer

Amazing image! Wonderful work, Jennifer!

Fantastic & fascinating !

Such a beautiful & powerful piece !!!

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