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I love your work!!
So imaginative and cool.
I will look at more when I can view and marinate on them. Cheers James

I put you down as an angel because I think you are an honest artist who is true to herself and is constantly striving to create better and better art.
your work is complex, introspective and disturbing.
The disturbing part I feel is what contributes to its value in
shaking up the Bourgoisie who thinks that having the perfect
flower picture is it...
Your work shows that WORK that has to be done before art
can be considered ART....
Philosophically yours

"Whenever I visit Jennifer's website I am fascinated.
The combination of colours and expressions draws me in…
takes me on a soul journey of this unique artist with high recognition value.
Jennifer’s art is beyond ‘nice’…her art is thought provoking,
disturbing in a positive sense and has beauty that comes from deep inside.
Let yourself get into her art and you will also feel fragility and sensitivity
behind her strong artistic expression.
If you read her profile you see that she is a self taught artist
and that fascinates more as it proves that every person can be an artist
if only the soul gets the opportunity to speak.
I am thankful for all her support and encouragement .
I feel honored to call this heartful woman my friend.
Thank you Jennifer...for sharing your genius and being you!"

"I want to celebrate JENNIFER! So before we start go pour yourself a glass of something fizzy.
Jennifer says she does “art outside the edge.” That’s an understatement! She’s beyond “out there.” Her art is more like something from “off-world.” What a startlingly unique vision Jennifer has!
Jennifer’s art is both outrageous and subtle. It’s all about ideas but beyond words; hard-hitting but loving; disorienting but familiar at the same time.
How can any one person be so dynamically creative and productive? Jennifer paints, she does sculpture, she makes boxes, she creates collages. Does anyone need their chapel ceiling redone? She’ll do it!
When Jennifer travels all of her senses are wide open. She brings home fantastic colors and shapes and sounds and smells and suitcases full of exotic jumbles of odd things that end up in her work. She wildly and unabashedly redefines the term “mixed media.”
Jennifer is a terrific person, loving and caring, and a sweet friend.

Jennifer is a superb artist. She combines disparate objects and people to create an exciting visual environment. The emotions in her work visually explode and grab your attention.
I am honored to have her as a friend.

"I have known Jennifer, for just a short time.In that time I have found an artist that is unique,her work is very powerful, and deep.She has braved the scrutiny of adding her work to many shows,- which can be very frightening.
Jennifer has become a good friend, warm, funny, and charming.I always look forward to seeing her next artwork, as she is very prolific, and constantly creating wonderful interesting box art works.
Jennifer, always responds to my inquiries,which means a lot to me.I feel that communication is key to the Soul of the artist.She truly is a Colorful Soul, and I am proud to say she is a true friend, and talented artist. Kevin.

your art is amazing!! You have found a river of expression flowing inside you!!

" Voilà un univers artistique qui vous mène aux portes de l'Afrique (par ses couleurs chatoyantes) et de l'ésotérisme tant les signes et symboles y sont présents.
Jennifer Beinhacker est une artiste toujours en quête de nouvelles voies à explorer. Elle travaille aussi bien en à-plat qu'en 3 D.
Ses acryliques et pastels sont riches en couleurs, des personnages à la fois agressifs et ludiques qui nous entrainent dans son univers inquiétant, parfois sanguinolant.
Ses oeuvres en 3D sont préparées à l'aide de petits objets trouvés, chinés dans les brocantes ou qu'elle ramène de ses nombreux voyages et séjours en Afrique comme en Europe.
Elle élabore également de nombreux collages ainsi que des toiles en techniques mixtes. Très généreuse avec celles et ceux qui lui demandent des renseignements, elle explique et permet au novice comme à l'initié d'avancer. Une artiste haute en couleurs, importante à mes yeux; à bientôt Jennifer ;-)"

"My dear friend, be a really genial artist, with your works know how to transmit a beautiful admixture of excite! Through your works today's suffering can be read, that flagellates our univero, but in others your works he can also read the happiness as the life quotidina, with your works know how to transmit in unique and genial way a true whirlwind of excite and of, as also your splendid use of different techniques, knows how to extrapolate the true essence of the mixed contemporary art with a true alchemy your use of the different techniques and materials!
I adore a lot your way to speak communicate through yours unique and splendid as well as only work of art!
I very also like your way to draw its inspiration for the creation of your works, I adore your way to intersect inside your works of art of the objects that you make to speak is that right-hand reach rather the heart they abduct the soul of whom observes the your splendid opers of art!
The series that has decidedly struck my soul: africa series
above all for the use of the materials, for as have intersected sapientmente the materials making them appear in an unique and harmonious way!
Attract a lot me both as, both because makes me dream Africa, then the objects is really genial that have used in this your picture!
Still a great compliment for your great artistic ingeniousness!
For me are really a Great is Genial Artist!"

" Il mio caro amico, è un artista realmente gioviale, con i vostri impianti sa trasmettere una bella mescolanza di eccita! Attraverso i vostri impianti today' la sofferenza di s può essere letta, quel flagellates il nostro univero, ma in altri i vostri impianti può anche leggere la felicità come il quotidina di vita, con i vostri impianti sa trasmettere in unico ed il senso che gioviale un vortice allineare di eccita e, come di anche vostro uso splendido delle tecniche differenti, sa estrapolare l'essenza allineare dell'arte contemporaneo mista con un'alchemia allineare il vostro uso delle tecniche e dei materiali differenti! Adore mólto il vostro senso parlare comunico con il vostro unico e splendido così come soltanto opera d'arte! Molto inoltre gradico il vostro senso disegnare la relativa ispirazione per la creazione dei vostri impianti, io adore il vostro senso intersecare all'interno delle vostre opere d'arte degli oggetti che fate per parlare siete che la portata destra piuttosto il cuore rapisce l'anima di quale osserva i vostri opers splendidi di arte! La serie che decisamente ha colpito la mia anima: serie dell'Africa soprattutto per l'uso dei materiali, dato che come hanno intersecato il sapientmente i materiali che li fanno compaiono in un senso unico ed armonioso! Attraggalo mólto entrambi come, entrambi perché mi rende l'Africa di sogno, quindi gli oggetti è realmente gioviali che hanno utilizzato in questa vostra immagine! Ancora un grande complimento per il vostro grande ingeniousness artistico! Per me è realmente un grande è artista gioviale! "

i think your work is very original and therefore soul inspired. those who stay true to themselves always stand out in a crowd and you are no exception. mary ann

I love the inner journey of the true artist who wants to feel and be alive in that journey. Wonderful peeling of layers in your images. I note the colors and shapes and sizes of your images in relation to each other. what an interesting tale it tells me about myself too. I like how you take art in its raw and natural perspective...elemental. Beautiful. Looking forward to more Jennifer!!!!

I really like the fantasy world of your imagination, you have the courage of an artist to show your mind and I really appreciate that. I also like the colors, the decorative sensation they leave behind. I think I could comment all your works, because this "world" of the mind you create is absolutely fabulous...I LOVE THEM ALL... I hope I will see more works of yours.
best regards

"io amo l'arte di jennifer, perchè unica nel suo genere . la sua arte è sempre in movimento come un fiume in piena!!! lei trasmette con le sue belle opere d'arte grandi sensazioni che arrivano forti come pochi altri riescono a fare!!! lei è una persona speciale infonde coraggio con la sua grande esperienza , per me è un grande onore la sua amicizia . mi aiuta sapere che al mondo ci sono persone così positive come la cara Jennifer...!!!
a te un bacio e un forte abbraccio per quello che sei ... una vera artista e una grande amica......
ciao lucio girardi

Your work is awesome

You have such an imagination

I really love your work!!! You are a great artist and deserve all the praise!!!!

I have seen your work and it is fascinating!!!! I have been charmed with it.

I have really gotten to like your art....At first ....it was so different that I could not connect with it. Then I realized only a genius could make art like that.....Nobody makes art like you.

Fantastic work, Jennifer! I like the variations of art made by you. All are astonishing and make me think. Your technical methods are always perfect.

Your work really stood out, very intruiging, really enjoyed all the components of your shrine pieces. Very primal, and raw, love it.

Admiro tu trabajo, y te agradezco to apreciacion!!

love what u do. The colors , the way that u use, make travel in the shapes, the colors are not just an static direction, but also the heart of the sceneries u create. Sorry for my english, it s a little rusty.

i sure dig your approach to art. it`s done in reality.

your artworks are very very inspiring ... :)

your work is very nice and interesting!

I'm pleased & anxious to keep an eye on your work. I watched your studio interview last night & saw all your beautiful assemblage work. What terrific work! You also have a studio I'd die for...it just screams creativity! Such a great environment, to be surrounded by so much wonderful art.

I see your works everyday,I love your works very much.
I think your composition of work is so great!!

your lovely creations are always the door of the happiness, the joy and the beauty! I can't wait to see more of your works! :)

Your works are fantastic. The colors are magnificent. Ciao

your art and you deserve my comments and support
and you are so beautiful person my dear that I'm very glad to see your works, I enjoy with them. thanks for your friendship. baci. antonella

Your work intrigues me, both your style and the subjects. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and please keep in touch. My kindest regards, your friend Brian

I think you're a great artist. Have a nice day. Cheers, Dalma

I am very impressed by your fantastic world !

Your Art awakes my Fragility, Openness, Wounds, pressed Questions, but Strength and Joy, too!! There is Something that I can not comprise by words....
You are So Alive, Honest, Cruel, Strong, Tender, Brave! You Hit The Center!! All my Respect to You and Your Art!! Vesna

I had a look at your work and I would say it is interesting, inspiring and confirm to me that anything is possible and permissible when it comes to art.  Keep painting and expressing yourself on canvas or whatever the media you choose at a given time.  Your works speaks a thousand words. May the sun shine on your path and may you continue to find inspiration. Au revoir et merci. Babette

Votre art atypique vous distingue particulièrement Jennifer, et je suis très heureux de rencontrer des artistes qui n'ont pas de concessions avec une mode ou n' appartiennent à aucune autre recherche que la leur.
Je vous souhaite une bonne soirée et journée, amicalement, Philippe

I really love what I see; you are definitely a true artist in every sense of the word!
Warmest regards,

I have enjoyed your work for years, Jennifer. Your art is rare and unique and shows so much excitement and freedom! So fun and ingenious...!

Jennifer!!! I am totally in awe of your artwork and now addicted to your website!!!! Wow! So brilliant!!!!! So inspiring!!!!!!! You're so awesome!!!!

Ciao Jennifer!!! Wish You lots of happiness &creativity LOL from Italy Johnny

I love the raw expressiveness of your work. Very bold and brave! Be Well, Linda

When i scroll through your work i am amazed to see, your creativity never stops! Beautiful work!! You're a real Artist ;))

your work is very creative, bold and rare, congratulation . A sincere greeting from Costa Rica, Yami

Jennifer. I really admire your freedom of expression— just the curves in your paintings, the expressions on the people's faces, it's all so loose and easy to like—and the colors are great, too!

One can look at your paintings and never get enough :) so rich in detail and interesting !!

your work is amazing. I like your work.

i am a big fan of your art . your productivity is inspiring and amazing!

I admire the closeness to emotion you are able to express in your artwork. Sharing and scaring from a hidden pov, crossing paths through time, questioning both the beginning and the end, and exploring the tensions and dynamic forces of existence. It is a pleasure to come across your work.

Love your artisitic and the unique style creation!!

hello, jennifer! i love your work and am very pleased to have stumbled across your page. i'll be back. :). take care. misha

i look very forward to seeing more of your work! It is so unique and creative! Cheers, Ella

Your work is absolutely fantastic. Your creativity shines out of it! Thanks for posting it for us all to see. Ellen

Jennifer, how are you?
I am an admirer of your art and fabulous style. your compositions are beautiful. It's always nice dig your gallery, as one who seeks elusive treasure, and finally found. It is always a pleasure stumbling upon their work., Surely they will have moments of intense creativity and fresh to offer. If there are errors in the writing I apologize because I'm using Google translator.
I wish you a lot of days when art and happiness. Hug from Brazil. Wellington

I look forward to following your work. It is brave, honest and refreshing. I'm connecting with your images as a woman in contemplation, trying in my life to peel away the layers and get to some kind of truth in thinking, writing and arting. Take care, Lisa

Hi Jennifer,

Your natural talent is evident! I have seen your work for a couple of months now through various flickr avenues. The first piece I came across was "shrine 13" posted oct 9. You have an imagination that is unique and fresh, even if a bit dark. :)

I am so impressed with your creativity! I have emailed a few of them to friends. Thank you for sharing your works! I tend to feel the Old Masters feed my soul and Modern artists stir my mind and imagination. . .Teresa

I wish you and your well, and a Happy Holiday and a very creative New Year, which I am sure you will have as you are one of the most creative artist I know!!! Best regards, André

Your work is very brave and honest and direct. It inspires me. lisa

You have a strong identity inside and with and by your art production.
I can recognize a "jennifer beinhacker" at miles away cause your style is unique.

hello Jennifer:) nice to meet you!! your art is wonderful.looking forward to our friendship. ~Lily

brilliant works for a self taught artist. I was just enjoying your art works... great works, Your pastel work is fantastic.

me encantan sus trabajos. disfruto viendo sus creaciones. encantando de conocerla. que tenga buen dia

I looked at your website. Wow. Wow is all I can say. Thank you so much for sharing your considerable talents with the world through your fabulous art. I can't recall how I "found" you , but SO glad that I did!
You have a great week, too. I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.

I find your work very inspiring and it's always a pleasure to be able to honestly comment on an artist's work , that I admire .
I have been accused of being brutally honest , when asked to critique works , as well . I mention this , only to assure you that my comments are sincere . Thanks Again , Bruce

hello jennifer, congratulations for your artistic work and very dynamic ...
alain bye

I am delighted. I loved this work, the colors are amazing. I'm fascinated!
It is a great pleasure to meet you! kisses . Somitta Cliassi

I love your work is really creative and interesting. have a a nice day. Greetings from Chile //Vivi.

I am enjoying so much working through your website... What amazing art work.....

i love your artwork, it's amazing.

I like your original style of painting.

I really like your art !

I like your work, Jennifer. You've got such a recognizable own style. I always enjoy looking at it and often contemplate on it! Thea

I also visited your website and especially loved your art incorporating dolls and doll parts. My brother used to make some very "unique" (as in weird and kind of creepy) sculptures and shadowboxes and your work reminded me of his. I like the unusual myself, so please take that as a compliment. Mary

Thank you...for your wonderful WOrK........JOE>

I love your work! Blessings, Selia

Hello !!! I just wanted to say that it's always a pleasure to see your stunning & beautiful Art !!! Hugs, Gérard .

your works are great! Have a good time, Saleh

your work is really inspiring. Really like the mandala series and the blood series too. I can really relate to your imagery. =^_^=

Your art is a great pleasure for my eyes. Have a phenomenal day! Shavit.

Lovely to have met you. Thanks for creating such magical work

your work is excellent...your style strong...hang in there ...you have a lot to say. thrilled to have discovered your work

needless to say i love YOUR work!!!

I was struck by your work.. partially because i think that often this style is misunderstood ... and sometimes the wrong people try to do it... but i could see that you are the right person to do it... you are bringing a sensibility and "consciousness" to it that sometimes is lacking... i was at a show two weekends ago where this was the case... there was not a consistency in iconography, theme, execution, composition... etc... to form a real body of work...as yours does.... your color sense is fantastic and use of "texture" is well done... individual pieces within the work relate to each other (juxtaposing of "meanings" that create "meanings"... especially subliminal)... it is not a random nor one-shot grouping... you are "there" with the subject... oh i ramble... sorry... but your work did catch my eye because it is professional... not random...

i'm actually excited... to see such a vigorous style... it is encouraging and inspiring...

I have enjoyed viewing your detailed and colour works!! Have a great weekend, Jennifer! Ross.

I like very much your gallery. Regards. Jorge Torrado.

Your art is very imaginative, bold, colorful and creative, I will be honest by saying that I do not understand it, but that is not important. I do see the passion you have for creating and that, I do know so well. I will be sincere and supportive of your art here ♥
Keep smiling and being inspired...♫♪...♪
Hugs, jonathon

I can see your art is like the pages of your heart . Close to the inner feeling child and thus like a naked soul ..
Like a butterfly too that zigs and zags and lands on the flowers it draws with some of it's legs ...
It's unusual to come across free and flowing communications. Mind you I suppose for many it's the web being webby and with netty spiders in it ..
Take care and stay free ..Silvis Lapin Rivers

I like your work, thoughtful and original. Mike

Oh!... que bom! Vou passear por sua galeria com calma. Estou muito ocupada por estes dias. um forte abraço!!!

Une belle créativité dans vos compositions, très colorées et beaucoup de force.

May your heart be filled with Sunshine and may you be inspired to create...create...create ♥ hugs, jonathon

I've enjoyed your creative work. there're things that catches your eye and your work is one of them. Keep on creating your wonderful images. Do take care too. Regards, Kate

Fantastic stuff! its all so overwhelming, complex, emotional, crazy.......love it! Regards, Deano.

Your photos are very beautiful and provoke my interest. My respectful greetings from Argentina. Riel Arafac.

hi jenni, i am now exploring all your work, i do really like it.
gent, belgium, let's keep in touch,
have a nice week coming! frips

Hi Jennifer ! You now , i speake just a little english so , i dow my best ! I'm realy enjoy to now you ( Nice to meet you ) !!! i like yor paintin ! Sorry , i return to morrow and , ....................... I whant dow beatter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good night. Claudine

Good day Jennifer! . You are a very deep and your art have a great sense of Philosophy. I've never seen such works. Very impressive. I am very pleased to communicate with you. I wish you inspiration.

Rock on jennifer...Rock on...

I'm looking forward to getting to know your work better, to being inspired and challenged by your ideas and talents. Cheers Shiralee (aka incognita)

Jennifer ... I love your work ...

I'm looking forward for your interesting work. Have a wonderful week. Sincerely, Ana

me parecen muy interesantes tus trabajos luminosos y creativos. Veo que tienes una gran vision artistica y de la composicion ! Saludos Jennifer

you are my mentor ! My feet are happy dancing , right now !!
Big bows and hugs xoxoxox Have a superb new week , Jennifer . :))))
Bamboo Barnes

Hi Jennifer -Me to appreciate visual artist in here, I'm looking forward to follow your artwork. Søren

Hii Jennifer,thank you for your lovely mail,glad to be your flickr-friend too:-)!

I enjoyed your art tremendously, your art is So my cuppa tea,i love the Vodun/Dia de Los Muertos inspired work-and the vibrancy and creative imagination in your art,it was a treat to see.

Thanks so much,glad you liked my work too-i am still an amateur basically but hopefully always improving:-) A blessed and happy weekend to you and yours! Blessings Cat

Tu obra me pareció muy valiosa. reveladora de una exquisita sensibilidad. Mis más cordiales saludos desde Argentina. Hugo

I love your artworks, really great & they've a Mexican flavour. I hope this finds you feeling happy & well. I really enjoy that I know you even though weve obviously never met in person. I look at your work sometimes & think youre amazing. Sarah:)

I enjoyed Your work as much as You enjoyed creating it. Keep it going. Best wishes Zlatan

Hey Jennifer, I think your work is fab. All the best, Nick

you do some remarkable artwork...fabulous stuff & have a really distinctive style
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas hols & Happy New Year ....Joe (oliver.odd)

A wonderful Christmas Jennifer with all the best of the World and for your work too ! A fantastic 2014 ! : ) See you ! : ) Your friend, Daniel

Hi Jennifer!!! keep producing excellent and eye catching (always catches my eye!) art- artists can be a rare 'commodity' these days!! Thank you also for Friendship-more hugs! Ross

Dear , jennifer . I am very lucky one who met you who is one amazing artist who have own sense & values . Your work gives me big inspirations & many to learn , even I am not religious person myself I see whole love and affection on your work which I do love ... hope you don't mind . Going to Africa , wow ,,, place of origin of all of us . I do wish your safe travel and countless wonderful meets with people at there .
Also waiting for you come back & see your superb works very soon again ! Take care & again , thank you so much for your friendship . :))) Love & peace on earth . Best regards , Bamboo Barnes .

Your works are very different and stunning ! The vision critical and strong are incredible !! wish you all the best and an incredible week!! Greetings from Portugal .Daniel

your work impressed me with a content. keep it up and all the love and happiness. david

Hi Jennifer :I do really like what you're doing , esp. the constructions. It's my pleasure to see them . No need for thanks ....but Thank You! LOL ! Beautiful work ! Bruce

Your work is very inspirational!

I enjoy your work, especially the narrative aspect of it. I'm happy to meet you. Have a nice day. Leland

I like your art. wisoot

I adore your work , and I'm excited to see more of it in the future! Courtney

Hi Jennifer You have extraordinary works. have a nice day! Branislav :)

strong artistic nature ....You and your vision and dexterity and lateral viewing and thinking. That sets you apart, and your great love of, and curiosity in, other lands and cultures. Wide open eyes, "open" hands and a mind as broad as the ocean....

Jennifer,Your work just took me by surprise. your work is unusual, special, alone and I will take pleasure in watching your work grow! I think your work is close to being on the edge..All the best to you..I hope we speak again..Regards. Alan

Ciao, io ho visto i tuoi lavori, sono veramente molto interessanti, e mi piacciono molto. Claudio

Hi Jennifer. Tes dessins sont très expressives. Bonne semaine

I have been a long time fan :)

your work is amazing

i am a big fan of your creations and very much look forward to continuing to view your work.

Keep up your great work. MadMax

Hey Jennifer. Your work is awesome! Truly a fan of yours. I'm glad to meet you :)

Great to meet you! I look forward to seeing more of your work.~Bill

Your work deserves more views than I have time. I never tire of your creations as I do the mundane sunsets, window reflections and extremely poor photography. Not saying there isn't some really great stuff out there. Know what I mean? I can appreciate the effort in your creations...and they aren't slapped together in five minutes.

Hi Jennifer. Your work is full of color which I absolutely love. And your subject matter is so interesting. What inspires you? I am sort of the exact opposite in subject matter -- more gentleness and skipping through daisies. lol. . Journey

I looked at your arts. They are very intriguing and wonderful color. I realy enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing. Nice to meet you :) Have a great day!

your work is very creative. keep it up ! Have a great day. Andrew

Hi Jennifer! Your work is amazing! rich in images, you're carrying a great imagination and talent! reminds me of the art of Latin America! Africa!
Delighted to discover you and curious to see your next work!
Have a nice day! :)

Jennifer, Your work just took me by surprise. your work is unusual, special, alone and I will take pleasure in watching your work grow! I think your work is close to being on the edge..All the best to you..I hope we speak again..Regards.Alan

Hi Jennifer, All of your works are extremly nice. I love this style of paintings, drawings and collages. Have a very nice day! All the bests to you! Laszlo

Hi I have been a long time fan :)

Best wishes & hugsss xoxoxoxoxox your big fan / Bamboo Barnes :)) waves

j'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites...

Ciao, anche io ho visto i tuoi lavori, sono veramente molto interessanti, e mi piacciono molto. Claudio

I admire your creativity and non-conformism. I respect and value your Art ! Sun in Soul, M

Your works are so interesting with vivid colours. I'll see more and with more attention. Have a nice day :-) Fabiola

. . Jennifer in NY galeries ? . . NY through Jennifer's painting ? . . it remembers me . . hmm . . "To encounter is to find, to capture, to steal, but there is no method for finding other than a long preparation. " . . "Capture is always a double-capture, theft a double-theft, and it is that which creates not something mutual, but an asymmetrical block, an a-parallel evolution, nuptials, always 'outside' and 'between'." (Gilles Deleuze)
. . Hey Jennifer . . Cheers !
. . Hey NY . . enjoy !

beau travail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your work is very fine-and i absolutely love the feel of primal mysticism, the rawness-all the elements are so intriguing

Wonderful arts , dear jennifer :)) Love them so much !

Hi Jennifer, You do a fascinating and very original work and I like it!
Regards, Marian

Jennifer, I love your art so much! You are so talented! Such amazing work, you do! :) Wishing you a wonderful day and week! :) Hugs,--Becca:)

Hi, Jennifer, Running across your website was the best surprise I had yesterday. I hope to get a better understanding of your work with further study. I think it may be influencing mine soon. All the best. John

Magnifique galerie. J'adore ce que vous faites

Hi Jennifer)))) you is really create good art!

your work is remarkable and highly original. Good and pleasant Sunday.

Hello Jennifer
truly I just love your Art. I would like to have a piece of yours in my private collection of Art. Very creative, very beautiful very expressive and it touch me deeply. Your are among the best of the moment in the world.
Take care and I wish you a great success in your Life. Hugs alda

You are an amazing artist and can do so much friend.

de l'excellence ton travail et un grand talent Jennifer ! bravo ! belle continuation ! bisous

HI Jennifer, I like how unique your art is and for some reason I'm always drawn to other self taught artists. I like that raw approach they have.
Have a wonderful day. respect shontz

I love your art style

Hello my friend, I visited your website and appreciate your expression of mandalas and dialogues with the dead. Is it some sort of psychic experiences or fantasy ! wish you best of luck and expect further art expressions in times to come. wishing happy week ahead. sincerely yours, ramesh

Não entendo muito de artes mas achei interesante

my friend, i'm crazy about your art-since the first time i saw your work,i just bonded with it.

Oh Jennifer, what a peculiar style do you have… I love it! something different. Keep up with the good work and it’s nice to meet you. Hans

Jennifer, Your art is really good!

your work is awesome! really glad I found it! look forward to seeing more masterpieces!! Liz

I do like your art. It is very unique and exquisite, beautiful and colourful.
have a lovely Tuesday! Elaine

Intéressante galerie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tu tienes una galería que me recuerda al pintor El Bosco (Jerómino Bosch) y es muy interesante.

I really like your art, keep going on! Cheers, ph

Like your out of the box creativity.

i really like your work, your pictures are exceptional and always artistical and full of expression ! they're GREAT !

I think your art work is wonderful and i wish you all the best !!!!:)

Always a pleasure to visit the dark visions you entertain - or perhaps I should say "that entertain you"?. Never falter. Grab the guts and squeeze the juice! Let the blood flow! Let the dead speak! James

let me wish you a happy christmas and good imagination for the next year !!! Hervé

Jennifer, bonnes fetes de fins d'années à toi, et bonne entrée dans la nouvelle année qui pointe le bout de son nez. Latha

je vous souhaite également de joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année. Je suis fidèle à mes amies alors à bientôt ! Belle fin de semaine et de doux. bisous Marie♫

I wish you the best for this new year. I wish you succes with your art cause you really deserve it. You are GOOD ! I am a painter too. I do pastel. Mostly landscape. I know it"s not the same kind of medium you use to express yourself but I understand your joy, of doing your work. All my brother's and sister's are artists. Some did make it Some did not !
I hope you will.. Hélène Essertaize

With my best greetings from Munich, Götz

I look forward to seeing more of your unique, stimulating, and invigorating work. John

bonne et joyeuses fètes de fin d' année. Bien cordialement. gilbert


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for 2015..Angelica

I wish you a very happy 2015. I am sure that our friendship will go Strong for many years. All the best for you Jennifer. Roberto.

I have really enjoyed seeing all your fantastic art work and wish you every success in the coming year and hope you get the recognition that your beautiful work merits. Blessings to you. Les.

I'm the big fan of your Art, and I wish you much,much happiness in New Year :here and everywhere,where you will be ! The warmly greetings and hugs for you, my dear friend ! Belleuse / Magdalena

A beautiful and successful 2015. Health and peace. Hugs from Brasil.

You are a Star! We have met by hapchance, and a good day that was, my dear. Hugs to you. I hope your year of 2015 will be a good one for you all. More Hugs..:)) Love Joan

Hi Jennifer, best wishes from my side and happy 2015. greetings, Jörg

I admire your work . A big hug!

Je vous souhaite un joyeux Noel et une Saint Sylvestre agréable.
Une fructueuse année 2015 dans vos créations artistiques Amitiés

Keep your fantastic works coming, I look forward to seeing a great deal more of them in 2015 and enjoying a continued friendship!!! Hugs,Sonia

am very excited about seeing your amazing work, Jennifer! Hugs,Becca :)

I am a fan of your work. hugs, ruby

I look forward to seeing your work! Sincerely, Charlie

Keep doing your beautiful artistic work. Loving hugs, cleide

you have such a distinctive style. Take care. Jane x

you indeed are one of my very special friends ..Hugs, Donna

Hello Jennifer, I wish you a Happy New 2015 full of creativity. Hugs, Marian

always love your work and therefore I hope to continue the great !!! a big hug

you are a very special artist in your art .

Hi Jennifer,

I hope you have many gallery showings in the coming year. Cheers,Steve

Hello Jennifer, Wishing you plenty of your creative art works for the year 2015. jawad

appreciating respectfully and pleasantly your art of work ! :)

hello jennifer, hope You will get a creative good start with new ideas, into the next year. good light for You. franzisko

look forward to seeing some more awesomeness from you!! Liz

your work is always inspiring to me and i also look forward to viewing your art and a continuing friendship during 2015! wishing you & yours a wonderful holiday and a healthy, creative, and prosperous new year!
with warm regards, stan

looking forward to more of your work and friendship the next year!
Love and a hug, Eefje

Jennifer, I can continually go anywhere in your site and find image after image I love.. Your world is rich and vibrant full of passion and emotion.. so much reality..absolutely super.. Bravo !

I love ALL your work!

i really admire your artworks !

Super pictures !!!

Hi Jennifer, I instantly fell in love with your art work and want to keep up with what you will do next... Your primitive/chic technique is very appealing to me. I love your freedom of expression and combination of media. You are very prolific, so I will try to keep up the best I can ! Create away !!! Best wishes, Tom

Hi Jennifer, Nice, to meet you. All my very best wishes from Germany. Roland

I will continue to look in on your work, which sings to me. All the best, Heather

Good morning Jennifer, I absolutely love your work!!! I am self taught but certainly not at your level;) Looking forward to seeing your work, Kath

I love your use of colour, and I appreciate your art! Have a happy weekend. Holly

Your work is fantastic! How often do you create one of your pieces? Where do you draw your inspirations? It's very provocative. Love it.

Hello, I really like your work, so different, interesting and refreshing, a real pleasure to view!! Have a lovely weekend! Simon

I love your style! very impressive collection... best regards Eva

I enjoy your work, as I am sure many others do as well. Randy

Your art gives me the feeling of an ancient time, speak me about a caveman on the look out for bigger things, big exciting and terrifying unknown things.
God, back then wasn't yet invented, and the world itself was a bigger and scarier place that's today, at the same time though, the fear was overcome by the excitement to discover something new, everyday, just two steps out of the cave. Your art speaks me about feeling of primordial essence and primordial animalistic instincts. Long far away to modernity.

Hi Jennifer! I look forward to what you are doing in multimedia; you have good ideas! Best regards, Chris

I,ve appreciated very much your creativity and imagination: very good works.

Je trouve votre expression, actuelle et très originale, cela me plaît !! Très bonne soirée et à bientôt, Jennifer!! Chris.

like your art! greetings from germany, pat

A talent indeed :)

I do really love your work. I hope your art and everything is going well and you had a great weekend. Best wishes Charmaine

I really like what you do. You're not like other artists and that makes the difference.
Great work. Congrats! All the best, Yana

congratulations. your art is very original, you're definitely a very interesting the way you express yourself.

beaucoup d imagination et pleines des couleurs. j admire beaucoup ce que tu as fait comme art. bravo et continues sois bien. belle journée bis

you have an unique style and this is important !

I really enjoy your art. Great energy and composition. :) Kind regards Paul

What an amazing website you have here!!!

Jennifer, sí, desde el primer día que vi una de tus imagenes me gusto.Creo que tienes el talento para decir con tu trabajo lo inefable. A veces crítico,otras agradecido pero siempre sutíl. Encantado de conocerte mejor...Francis

Hello. Nice to meet you. Thank you for the strong Art of mixed media.

I really love your website and I appreciate your work!

Liebe Jennifer, ich habe bei Dir tolle Arbeiten und viel zum Nachdenken gefunden! Ich komme jetzt regelmäßig! Liebe Grüße Bernhard

I have just discovered your work and it is totally awesome!!!!

Good morning Jennifer, It isn't easy to show movement and continuation through two-dimensional work. However, your series and lines offer an invitation to "see" beyond the borders of frame's edges. Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your luscious and lavish week Jennifer! Luther

It is always a pleasure to discover a talented artist. Your techniques are very singular. It is common to see an artist mix a few medias but you really mix everything to create unique pieces. I find some of your mandalas even a little scary as they remind me of Cajun voodoo dolls. Anyway, It is nice to see the work of someone thinking out of the box, and you definitively are...

Your works are very original., beautiful, colourful and telling the stories...

Your works are very creative!

Love that you are so creative. It is nice looking at your work and make the story that it tells to me in personal experience in how I perceive the world and life. You are a very special unique person - ha ha I know we all are - but you some have that extra - that is very different from the norm in how they look at things.

You have to be one of the most original and creative artists

I am intrigued by your unique artworks and enjoying viewing and appreciating them and your creativity. :)))

Love that you are so creative. It is nice looking at your work and make the story that it tells to me in personal experience in how I perceive the world and life. You are a very special unique person - ha ha I know we all are - but some have that extra - that is very different from the norm in how they look at things. xx

I enjoy your work and will continue following you to see what you do next!

Thank you for the strong Art of mixed media. mikio

Jennifer, sí, desde el primer día que vi una de tus imagenes me gusto.Creo que tienes el talento para decir con tu trabajo lo inefable. A veces crítico,otras agradecido pero siempre sutíl.
Encantado de conocerte mejor... Francis

I really enjoyed your art. Great energy and composition. :) Kind regards Paul

I like your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have discovered your work and I am in awe of your vision. I can only say that I am overwhelmed with how much I love your work and how it speaks to me.

Jennifer, thanks for sharing your wonderful, energetic art. Steve

Bien joli site avec de belles photos. Un plaidir de regarde. Vladimir

Merci Jennifer votre technique picturale est vraiment très originale j'aime beaucoup vraiment. Je vous souhaite le succès et prenez soin de vous.

Hi Jennifer, I saw a lot of cool stuff in your gallery, indeed, you're an effective artist! pierre

Hi Jennifer. I really like the colors in your art. Your work is so colorful and combinations draws you into the parting. Mike

I like your work. Beautiful art and inspiring. Have a beautifully artistic day. Rhonda

hello my dear friend, wish you a happy holiday and a wonderful and inspiring 2016 !!! hugs, edinei

Greetings from Germany Peter

Hi Jennifer, my best wishes for the next Holidays :) Hugs Arialee

I always enjoy your art! Cheers Paul

Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations in 2016! big hugs, Don

My best wishes to you, and happy holiday season, with great works of art as always. Hugs, jawad

You are a wonderful artist and I look forward to seeing your wonderful work. I hope you have a wonderfully art filled 2016! Monty

I wish for you & yours all the best for 2016, and a lot of sales of your wonderful Art !!! Big Hugs from Paris. Gérard

Hello Jennifer, Have nice holidays! Best Regards, Bernd

Dear jennifer I wish your fantastic holidays and more greater new year 2016!
Bows and thanks a lot. :)) Your big fan Bamboo Barnes

All the best to you, Happy Holidays! Cheers Tim xoxo

All the best to you in 2016 with much inspiration and creativity. hugs, Cleide

Happy holidays and end of the year ! Big hugs. Christophe

many wishes and a Joyous art-filled 2016 Ciao Donatus.

Very special wishes. A good year, a happy one filled with much of life and learning and joys!!!!! Sending many smiles to you Jennifer!!!!! Sincerely, Susy

viele, viele gute Bilder in 2016! Eugen

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy new year ....filled with art! Joann

je regarde vos tableaux superde imagination Vlad

Hello Dear Jennifer, I wish that 2016 is filled with much success for you! Hugs, Sonia

Tous mes voeux de joie et de bonheur Jennifer pour ces fêtes et aussi la nouvelle année 2016. De belles réalisations artistiques !... Amitiés Jacky

an art-filled 2016 ... a genial wish ! An embrace, nora

Jennifer votre technique picturale est vraiment très originale j'aime beaucoup vraiment. Je vous souhaite le succès et prenez soin de vous. Georges

I like your work. Beautiful art is inspiring, especially when shared with wonderful people. Have a beautifully artistic day. Rhonda

Hello jennifer, i love your work. daniel

I like your work. it is very creative. Ernst

You are a hard working Artist who produces a lot of potent n powerful personal visions that's very distinctly yours. It's easy to spot your works immediately !!

Hi Jennifer I really like the colors in your art. Your work is so colorful and combinations draws you into the parting Mike

Jennifer, my friend:-) To you and your family i wish a goodly+happy Holidays season,and many Blessings and prosperity and happiness for 2016:-) Bless you:-) Cat

Hi Jennifer, I look forward to seeing your creations in 2016. John

Dear Jennifer, thanks for your art! Yours always, Lorenzo

un Joyeux temps des Fêtes pour vous chère amie ! Amicalement, Danielle.

Your artwork is on a level all its own and a delightful reference point to quality and originality...best, ben

Wishing You another Very Creative Year ahead in Your Artworks Jennifer. Hugs to You Dear .Jimmy

Wishing you all the best in 2016 and hope to see and enjoy a lot of new art made by you! big hug, Josephine

plenty of talent in your website. merci for this photographic Journey. lionel

Hello Jennifer, Your art is very creative, beautiful website I've seen. Nice to meet you. Regards from Germany Lena

Jennifer, it is a pleasure and an honor your and emotions, your art I love it and is. Greetings from Como (Italy)

your work is fantastic! have a great day, em

Your artistic work than the is much more patchwork. It's the authentic creation. A dive into the psyche human. Sinceres salutations, Serge

Dear Jennifer, your works told a long stories about the life, feelings... I wish you much sunshine smile on your beautiful face and wonderful day!

Your work is very creative

I really "DIG" your artwork. Plus you have a great face -a cool look I love that while experimental searching of random new or unknown words I come across while researching, have sometimes brought your pieces up in results -non linguistically! That somehow is another cool mystery!

I visited your website and I really appreciate your art. I like artists like Miro, Munsch and Picasso, so I can understand the fundamentals of your work. A great pleasure for the eyes and the mind. Regards, Charlie

You have a unique style, and one that has a consciousness about it that defines art beyond mere technique. Best of all, it makes one think.

j'admire vos tableaux+++++++j'adore.........suis fan -:)))) Christine

I am very impressed by your art! I am speechless... really. You are my great discovery of the day.

I like audacious people like you who express themself vigorously.

your art is awesome!

excellent website Jennifer - you have an extremely intricate style and technique.
Beautiful use of colors and subject and very thought provoking images.

it's a pleasure to meet you Jenifer! . I love your work. sincerely Mitchell

I love you work very much. What a talent you have!

Hola Jennifer, magníficas tus pinturas, Felicitaiones, Fredy

I think that your style and concept are very unique and original. I visit your website and I become really impressed with your versatility and creation capacity. Your portfolio is fantastic! Many congrats. We keep in touch. My best regards.
Carlos Carrera

I find your color pallet to be very strong. You handle it well. I find your work highly personal and intense. I find your style helps to intensify the content. Many times artists are not able to link the intent and style but you have.The fact that you are self taught is laudable and I congratulate you on finding your voice. I believe that much of the best of what is called art was not created to be art... but that it was from the very depths of the artist out of the overflow of their being. Your work seems to have come from your depths. That it is called art is because it is able to communicate and evoke thought or recognition in others.

I think your work is highly imaginative and you have a truly distinctive style. Hope you're having a great day and look forward to following your work. Wishing you all the best. Roy.

Your work is incredible... intense... important.
I chose the two on innocence as they are very strong but also because of some members of the class who are not ready for intensity. They will not see my work, either.
I applaud your ability to work with sign, symbol and signal... the abstractions of subliminal art theory... color, in particular... Your work is incredible... intense... important. I resonate with it as I have done work on similar themes. I applaud your ability to work with sign, symbol and signal... the abstractions of subliminal art theory... color, in particular...

love your art! So dynamic and beautiful. Wishing you happiness always. Anabelle

Hello! Love your dolls and crazy work.

Hi Jennifer, Thanks for your note. I enjoy your work, and look forward to seeing what will come next! Best, Steve

hi jennifer, i greatly admire your pieces; they seem like snapshots of your soul, and i find them moving, and rich food for thought. greetings from all that is cosmic, Gregory

Your artwork is fantastic and really resonates! It’s so raw and original, and oh so inspiring. Happy creating, looking forward to following your creations! Pam

Greetings, I like your art very much, it has its own style, happy to say hello.

Hello Jennifer, keep up the good work :-) Best, Florian

I find your work very intriguing, with a lot of symbolism.

Hallo Jennifer, Deine Foto sind alle sehr schön,,, Klasse Arbeit..Lg Udo

Hi Jennifer, I like your art. Ciao Antonio

Hello Jennifer, I thank you for sharing your beautiful works, it is an immense pleasure to comment on your fine art. I wish you a great week.

Greetings Jennifer

Nice to meet you too, likewise it’s very nice to know you. Your work is very thought provoking which I like very much. I shall be visiting often . It’s an honour for me to have someone of such high calibre ..you are appreciated greatly...feel free to contact me anytime to chat about whatever you like. your work provokes quite emotional response.
you are able to express yourself very well indeed, your technique obviously works for you, the use of other materials along side your ability to draw what’s in your mind spurns the great artwork we are here discussing...
You have an interesting mind Jennifer that much is very clear...
Your friend Berhana
Have a good week ahead

your art has a strong, visceral, feel~~keep it up, best of luck : )

Your body of work is so INCREDIBLE !!! I've spent time admiring a lot of your art & loving all of your words about each one ! I like how you talk about your personal life, how you share intimacy, loss & your truth. All of it is quite amazing !

I really appreciate your original art. My pleasure to meet you. have a nice day.
Ciao Eugenio

Hi there. Your work is inspiring. I hope you have a happy holiday and a very good-creative 2020. Wish you all the best. William.

Jennifer, There is an unknowable, mysterious edge in your creativity that is familiar and calls to me.

I find your work quite interesting. Have a nice day. Efthymis

it was real treat to come across your work, very inspiring! keep making!! jsh

I think your art is original and interesting and want to see more.

Hi jennifer, I'm so pleased to have stumbled on your work.
Your work has so much vibe, energy and duende- and that's just looking at the digital facsimile. What a deep treasure trove! Yeah real cool stuff. Thanks