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debates in the nether regions between the shades of real and imagined characters, sometimes with supernatural beings.


24 march-6 may 2017
1800 s. bell street
arlington, virginia

art space gallery
750 center street
herndon, va.
16 february-11 march, 2012

comments made:

Very intriguing!

This is so fantastic!
Love the use of the black background and the partial skull with the bloody eye...and then those long arms and hand! the choice of colors is superb!

Very good, perfect score! There is a good job with light, and good color choices!

One deep and profound piece that shows a vivid imagination. The intensity of the emotions found in the images and the combination of colors is incredible. Great work.

I love the emotions that is evident in this piece.

Very paranormal...excellent piece!


This is tremendous painting!

brilliant work !

love this one, Jennifer. the blood is awesome!

very cool!

love it

wow genial

I like your whole work !

Flashy colors in front page and dark background so cool.

death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we once had shoulder. it is an interesting subject, don't you think?

Woah Awesome.

one breaks the spirit!

great work and so intense

I am sitting in awe trying to think of what to say? Very unique and inspiring.Wonderful and passionate is what comes to mind!!

Gorgeous palette & interesting characters.

amazing picture

Fantastic art !!!

love it!

Strong work, Jennifer! Youve captured quite a dialogue with these expressions and gestures.

Very powerful language my friend!!!

Beautiful. Ciao

If Michaelangelo paused working on the Sistine Chapel and have gone shopping for a relationship, he might have come back few hundred years later with this image.

Just marvellous style, Jennifer!!!

Good morning, Jennifer!!

Very nice photo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's very nice

Fine painting. Interesting concept

Genial my friend!!!

I hope your having a beautiful weekend Jennifer* :))

brilliant work !

Wild Wahoo! work here! Your Blood has that shiny 3D REAL look... creepily intriguing.
are they dream or thought fragments? I dream a lot but not quite like this!!!

Stunning work !!!

wow! this one "grabs" you

Strong soul language, jennifer...

wild !!!!!

You've been busy Jennifer! all pieces are dynamic and brilliant art!!!


WHAT A POSTER THIS WOULD MAKE FOR A HALLOWEEN PARTY.......pretty scarry stuff. Dante's Inferno kind of material.


Very cruel spirits there, I do hope I will never inflict such torture on any dead or living soul. A very imaginative work!

Wow, another stunning image. working out the demons

Lovely artistic Image Jennifer!

Very interesting...in a good way....:)!!! Great Job!

hi jennifer.... good to see this again my friend!!

Happy New Year,Jennifer !!! I wish you the Best for 2012 !!!

Such incredible Art Jennifer

Interesting Creation!!! :)

Wonderful work, very artistical and creative done!!

...llegó con tres heridas: la del amor, la de la muerte, la de la vida...

Excellent work !!

hello dear! again creative work!

very interesting


Simply........Beautiful !!! My Best Wishes for 2013. Marie-Claude
Wow, powerful!!!

Terrifying image. Excellent composition.

. . sure my fav doll here

J'aime beaucoup !!!

The debate rages on, with an amazing cast of tormenting characters. So creative!

strong, emotive picture!

Love the colours here Jennifer they work really well.

terrific composition, genial as always !!! have a lovely new week Jennifer

Fantastic work Jennifer !!


Lovely artwork Jennifer, brilliant colours and creative composition too!


Impressionnant !

This is a very impressive dialogue indeed and those eyes...O_O they really were something!

A tremendous work Jennifer, she looks very confused and tormented

Great work Jennifer!!


bonjour c'est une peinture , je crois ,, tirant un peut sur le style naïf ,

you always seem to balance some of the "negative" images countering with other positive ones...what might be considered scary on one side of the work is mocked on the other side...great shift for the viewer...

echt surreal ****lg siegfried

Fantastic, Jennifer!

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