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pastels on cardboard framed on wood

on exhibition:

torpedo factory art center
105 n. union st.
alexandria, virginia
31 october-4november 2009

comments made:


love this one.

good luck for the show, jennifer. this one is fantastic!

I saw this the other day and really like it too! Good luck!

so happy and good luck

That's fantastic news! Congrats!

Great stuff.

love this one.

Understated yet excellent work!

excellent work. keep on painting.

Wonderful piece!!!

nice... have you actually been to Mexico? a lot influence evident in your works.

Wonderful work!!

Your pastel tones are sweet.


love the pastels!!

Beautiful Painting !!

Beautifully put together!!

very excentric, I like this !!


Nice Work !

Wonderful . Like it.

I love this concept, very pretty!

excellent representation of the tradition

beautiful work

Another interesting image Jennifer I particularly like the texture the cardboard gives to the image and the the colours of course.

Fabulous artwork as usual Jennifer, and so beautifully presented! Marvelous colour composition and wonderfully creative too, very well done! As we move forward into this new year, I wish you the best in 2015! Best regards, Kate

Interesting blend of mythologies here. I have a dia de los muertos candle at home; someone advised me not to bring it out on a first date, LOL. But... I would. No point in hiding who we are. This is lovely work!

impressive composition, full of suggestive ideas, congrats

Lindas cores neste enquadramento!

life and death...the complete experience...love this

Always with cool work!!! excellent visual representation.

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pastel 28: dia de los muertos 3
25" x 19"