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pastels on cardboard framed on wood

24" x 19"

the life of an artist can be a lonely one. although i know many people, i, as an artist create, in my head...it's just me and the "inner madness".
sometimes i wonder...anyone out there...anyone looking...can you see me????


Fun House Gallery
Russell Industrial Center
1600 Clay Street
Detroit, Michigan 48211
20 August-1 October 2011

comments made:

This is too much! I love it so very much! very cool.

Amazing--Wow, your work is fascinating!

Intense! Powerful! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Very beautiful! The bodies, the arms, the expressions. I'll see those eyes in my dreams.


very cool

I could imagine your work at many a museum!

What a great picture Jennifer!!! Love the composition and this amazing colouring!

As usual I love your colors and strong expressions.

LOL... your Freudian howls are really something... throwing spanner in the works, sounds suddenly like a metaphoric diagnosis ;))

Sweet! q;{>

cool cool

totemic abstract! Very fun and yet dark.

nice brightness

Of course we are here and there Jennifer, watching at you art, be sure of that!

Hey Jennifer :)) I hope you are having beautiful weekend*

Sigues sorprendiéndome..... tu maravillosa locura interior hace que crees para el disfrute de los demás.....genial. Besos y buen fin de semana mi querida amiga

We are!

You make very interesting art, Jennifer. It calls up thinking about it!


Oh wow, you are sooooo talented. Love this.

yes. >;)

YOu are uNique, JenniFer!!!


Amazing colours!

Hi, dear Jennifer, it's an amazing surreal...!!!

Genial composición y hermosos colores, Jennifer..!!!!

It's always fun to look at your work! Even if I did see it before!

Hi!!-I cannot believe all of the comments you have. You deserve each one!! I appreciate your honesty that goes along with your painting. I love them because they also look like me or feel like me. Maybe all women.
They have a unique and stunning quality to them. I like different. I like the way you paint women. To me, it looks like you paint from the inside out. That is probably hard to understand. It is about feelings. Anyway, I like this alot!!

My dear Friend!! I am here!! :-) Eh, it is so known Feeling. Deep Inner Loneliness mixed with presence of Joy and wish to hug all the World. Sometimes, rare, it happens True Recognizing, and it is Precious.. :-)

Wonderful colors my dear and you are really a free artist, compliments. kisses

I'm here...and I'm still looking

Hug!! :-) I am here and will be!! :-)

Stunning artwork !

Gorgeous creation !

Great image Jennifer. I hope someone is there

Wish you a happy day, Jennifer !

My, what big eyes you have.

Of couerse we're out here. Great art. Ken

your work is amazing, my friend :)

Have a Nice Weekend my friend :)

Amazing one..

You're not alone, we are looking at you & we love you !!!

Great work!

A hug from me x

excellent work throughout your website

Great art

great art !!!

Hi Jennifer, really cool piece.

Wow....beinhart :-)

I love this one ! Beautiful message !

Well, my eyes are a wee bit smaller than your's, but yes I can see you:) And you have some wild friends in there with you. Wonderful color and as always, thought provoking.

You see well, and hear well and cope with all.....

Genial! Theres quite some explosive action in those big eyes...who wonders with everything that's going on around you :)

Good day, Jennifer.....hugs

An amazing piece of work. Reminds me of Munch's "Scream".

A really amazing work of art! Love the pink woman's large eyes!

fantastic - love it!

What a great self portrait Jennifer, fantastic my friend!

Heehee, a fabulous "selfie" Jennifer, amazing colours and composition on this pastel! A marvelous artwork presentation too!

Hi Jennifer...you still look gorgeous

any square inch of this could be(is) another work of art

I completely understand!! :)) I enjoy your wild works very much. Vivid and primal....original, awesome

Very, very good!

perfect :) **********

So amazing, my friend!

very original idea for a self portrait, and really a catching eyes !

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pastel 20: self portrait 5-is anyone out there?


I love this one. Super.