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pastels on cardboard framed on wood

24" x 19"

this pastel is a reflection of my experiences in ghana and benin summer 2008, when i went to the fortresses where the african people were held before they were sent into slavery.

comments made:

lovely, powerful colors. provoking piece.

very dramatic piece, jennifer!

this is very moving, this emits the disbelief and despair

Indeed powerful - you did an excellent job! Bravo!!!


strong images and color.........evokes the pain and reality one can only imagine and you achieved it through your art!

Thank you Jennifer to share it with us again. I see slaves enchained :/.
Human being drama.

See and Feel

Very nice, Jennifer!

Fantático el dramatismo que transmites, mi querida amiga. Besos


I like it very much !!!!!!!!!!

Well done Jennifer

Rich and beautiful painting

Another excellent surreal!!!

Love it!!! Excellent work!!!

Wonderful piece...I am so sad about the situations in Africa.

Hi Jennifer! Always good to run across your tribal work! This is brilliant with color and expression!

always intrigue... love the way you see !!!!

Good strong composition Jennifer.

Powerful - one of your best, Jennifer

You captured the terror and sadness of that place very well.

beautiful colors for a violent theme....

You have captured the atmosphere perfectly Jennifer, we can only imagine how awful it must have felt.

Chilling....and it still continues in some parts.....

very powerful image

Hello Jennifer, lovely work as always:) Have a lovely day!

image expressive, great composition and strength of color! And the deformation effect emphasizes the content of this work! I wish you a beautiful, quiet evening for you, dear friend ! :-)

Excelentes cores nesta fantástica imagem!! Abraços.

Vibrant! Lovely to view again, Jennifer

Very nice painting !

Painful subject but a powerful pastel, a strong interpretation

dramatic scene, we can read the pain ... congrats for this intense work, Jennifer

Fantastic painting :)

Lovely rich pastel colours on this artwork, Jennifer and I can definitely see the African theme! A fabulous presentation to this creative piece too!

Another impressive creation! I love the color palette and overall composition. Hope you are well.

excellent work. Lance

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