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water soluble pastels on cardboard framed on wood.

24" L x 19" H



Your artwork is really unique!

wow!! simply fabulous!

Wonderful work, very creative!!! :)

Love this oneeeeeee!!!! =))

I like this a lot, Jennifer...!


Beautiful artwork Jennifer :-D

I really this one--nicely accomplished..

You work is always a fascinating journey.


YOu do great work. Ken

Wonderful! I like your composition!

fantastic colors!

So interesting art work. Reminds me of a culture of late sixties. Gorgeous!

hi Jennifer i always find your work very intriguing and altho this is different technique from what i saw from you so far, this also intrigues me. :P, what i like that everyone that looks at it has their own imagination, for some they do cry while others doubt if those are really tears..and that i think is the best compliment you can get the fact that your work set the imagination of others free. xox

great piece

very nice

the vivid colours make this quite surreal! Bravo!

They have lost their innocence! ¡¡



Wonderful !

Just marvellous and original!!!

I'm beginning to recognize your palette(s). This is intriguing.

jennifer, this is fantastic. the colors are wonderful. I think their eyes keep it from being too cute. and what a great title. perhaps they are joyful tears??

these pastels have a very different feeling than your other works. The pastels are so bright and vibrant in color that they almost have a tropical feel to them. They have a certain mystique to them in that because of the bright colors it is almost hard to tell what the feeling of the painting is; is it sad? But the colors are so bright, how can it be sad or angry or anything other than happy? It can almost be an illustration of how some people are; seeming to be happy, but when you look close inside, they are miserable and in despair. Or even the human condition: the body can be so strong, but at the same time so very fragile; life is so fragile. At first glance, your viewer sees the colors; they grab the eye, get our attention then, upon closer inspection, one realizes what the painting depicts. With that in mind, I have had another thought: maybe these pastels are, in a way, an inversion of your other works. With your other works, the subject matter (and/or even the media) of your painting first grabs the attention of your viewer and then the colors.

My first impression is that it is unusually cheerful for you. I like that it somehow seems to come ~easier~ or something like that....the colors are not as concentrated or painstaking in comparison to the paints of your previous works. Your friends, the usual cast of characters, never really seemed pink to me in your previous works, even if they were. They always seemed blood red. The pink and yellow combination in this one is positively summery and sunshine-y for you.

i am commenting to you because i really enjoy your works. You really have a personal way to say the things you want to say.

Hi Jennifer, this is beautiful work - and interesting comments. My first reaction was to imagine these two wee characters were bemoaning the fate of the planet (maybe a reflection of my own subconscious?). Perhaps, given the differing interpretations, you've created a perfect pastel mirror. A masterpiece, indeed :-)))

they are crying which adds a layer beyond cute..maybe a bit of cognitive dissonance(which is good as far as I'm concerned)..also the crazy looking snakes make you wonder what's going on...interesting and different!

Great to see and enjoy, Jennifer !!

I love the pastels!

A fantastic picture

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pastel 2: why are they crying?