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my new art show at touchstone gallery, washington, dc. 7-jan-7 feb. 2009
i am exhibiting my 4 self portraits.
the opening night, 9 jan., 6-8:30 pm, was jammed packed with family/friends and art loving patrons. there must have been at least 500 people attending.
i received many compliments on my art. some said it was their favorite work in the entire show! that was nice to hear.
david (son), christine (daughter-in-law) and the fabulous helena came to my opening. helena always comes to my art show (ever since she was a baby). she liked seeing my art...she said "i like your art nana. it is very unusual. i see it all the time at your house".
i saw many friends and fellow artists. it was so crowded it was difficult to talk so we all hugged and smiled at each other.

touchstone gallery
touchstone gallery