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mary mary...pretty maids all in a row

mixed media: flower pot stand, grout, wood, dolls, doll's heads, doll's arms and legs, alligator feet, turkey leg, bones, false teeth, feathers, beads, jewels, glass birds, plaster figures, safety pins, acrylic paint, toys, plaster dental molds, shells, stone, pipe cleaners, plastic flies, wood birds, glass skulls, glitter paint, nails.

i was at a flea market and found an old rusted outdoor plant stand. thought to myself...ah......clean it up, put plants in it, a nice summer treat! then i thought......NOT.......too "normal" ( lol), so decided to make an art piece instead. originally it was going to be an outdoor piece, which is why i grouted the original set of "doll's heads". grout can withstand the elements. i have several grouted doll's heads on poles in both my back and front yard (who knows what my neighbors must think!). but then i liked it so much i decided to keep it inside and expand the piece to have 3 side/front pieces.
since it had to do with "plants" the old nursery rhyme came to mind:" mary mary quite contrary. how does your garden grow. with silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row". well, obviously too long a title for an art piece so i shortened it to "mary mary...pretty maids all in a row".
once i finished it and placed it in my living room the cat decided that she also loved it and started "chewing" on the 3 side/front pieces. oh no. so i took those up to my studio and boxed them for safe keeping. the cat still likes the main standing piece but doesn't seem to chew on it as much. whew!

what is weird is that the doll's heads move......i go to bed at night and they are facing one way. in the morning they are looking in another direction! maybe they "play" at night?

"mary mary" has been in several art shows.

when i work i never know what i will create. i usually start with an idea of a color or found object or "form" like the plant stand for mary mary. then it all; seems to flow out. i am usually quite surprised by what i get in the end...and mostly pleased..though not always. i seem to create from some place inside me that takes over....if that makes sense.

55"H x 45"L x 32"D

jennifer beinhacker
art outside the edge


Glenn Allen Cultural Arts Center
Richmond, VA
12 Jan - 8 Mar 2003

Ellipse Arts Center
4350 N. Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA
23 Jul - 24 Aug 2002


a real pleasure.

too cool!

Great art piece...i particularly like the way you've integrated the dolls' limbs...

A little creepy, but I applaud any kind of creativity – so cool.

Hello Jennifer :)
I hope you are having amazingly creative day - and so it seems! Great work*

Excellent artwork Jennifer!!! Hugs my friend!

Yet another stunning collection .

Gorgeous installation!!!

Wonderful work. Congratulations!!

Jennifer, fantastic and amazing images of this creation! Yay! pjh

what a cool show of marys :-) like the idea with plant stand... good usage

Very very nice work

Fantastic serie!

Oh...I simply love this!

Beautiful art work :-D

Far-out Jennifer

Wow, Jennifer, it's SUPERB !! Sincere compliments !!

My dear Jennifer, this is me (Too close) , kind of me :-)
I am watching again Your Art, oh, Jennifer so manly levels!! So lot of Life, and Imagination! Dance of Unconsciousness!!.
I admire Your Love for Life and Acceptance Life like it IS.
Brave You Are, and Beautiful. Strong.
Now, this morning I see, I feel the most Hands and (Im) possibility for Connection.
True Connection. True Touch. Support, too.
They speak, they reach, they explore, they say "hello & good by", they don't give up and there is Hope.
Hands of Hope.
Now I am going to visit You again :-)

Gob smacked, Jennifer.

Mais-Que-Perfeita Obra de Arte minha amiga Jennifer. É muito impressionante e emocionante. Arte de beleza, diversidade e riqueza incrível. Grande Abraço. Parabéns. É um trabalho genial

Very beautiful piece!!! Love it!!!

. absolutely amazing creativity Jennifer.

É sempre um grande prazer apreciar suas artes. Grande Abraço

Inspiring work..

love love love it ....awesome work !!

wow...nice work

This is superb work Jennifer

This is a spectacular creation

Imaginative work!

Very good piece. I like your assemblages a lot, scary as they are. :)

this is a great piece, jennifer. exceptional and creative ... very fine work !!!

Wonderfully creative piece. I like your style.

one of your paintings adds a dimension and comes to life...love all the eyes looking in the same direction

Magnifique assemblage

An amazing creation.

Amazing masterpiece Jennifer!

this is giving me the creeps. i love it.

-yes, "flies" really add that "creepy" factor to one's art!

AHHH! Must. Avert. Eyes! Can't!

ist too much gorgeus

This really makes me smile!

I find this great, and not creepy :) Very creative and witty !! :)

Nice !!!!

C'est bien les détails en évolution

curiosa obra!


Wow! So disturbing yet so beautiful!

Very wonderful!!!

Genial,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Un saludo

Makes one smile Jennifer

Es un trabajo fenomenal, saludos y que tengas un buen fin de semana

kiddie land voodoo shrine! ♥ You are so amazing Jennifer! Incredible work ♥

Hi Jennifer, hello Mary...Great work and very creative my dear. Antonella

Beautiful creation :-))

Very cool! I really like the variety of elements you used in this one.

You have created your own language. But for some reason I understand every word!!

nice work !

Stunning and imaginative, Jennifer...!

LOVE it!!! It's one of those pieces that make me want to scream with delight !! genius.


Love the details!!! Excellent work!!!

Outstanding work of Art..

Wowowowow, so cool!!!!!! What a major imagination!!!!!!!

Doll heads that move at night while you're sleeping.... now, that is just too creepy for me! LOL!! Great piece! I love the story of how it came to be, too.

Ciao, my ironichal, really creative friend. Antonella

Interesting artwork :-D

WOW love your work

well, me I would have used the stand for the flowers on my balcony :)
but I've not your creativity.

nice work on everything

Back again....the Mary in question may have been "Bloody Mary", we hope not....such prejudiced times.....Now your collage and collection puts things aright...for they are "pretty maids"...

A fabulous artwork and so beautifully presented, Jennifer! Marvelous composition and wonderful collection of nic-nacs, very well done!

This is quite unique Jennifer. Lovely work:) Have a wonderful day:))

your creations are amazing

It's a wonderful alter...great balance

Super art work, my friend

Fantastic creative and very artistic work. Well done Jenifer Regards Tess

Excellent art, also very good title,,, like the music, too..... :)

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mary mary....pretty maids all in a row
mixed media
55" H x 45" L x 32" D