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in west africa the birth of twins is a rare and much revered occurence. when twins are born the mother (and families) visit the fetishman and offerings are given to the "twin fetish". these are feathers, blood, animal sacrifice, etc. in many of the small villages neal and i visited there were a plethora of "twin fetishes". when a twin dies (the mortality rate is extremely high for all babies in west africa) the mother wears a "doll" wrapped in the front of her clothes. when the mother feeds the still alive twin she also feed the "doll" that "represents" the dead twin. she does everything with the "doll" that she does for the still alive twin. neal and i had seen alot of women with dolls in the front of their clothes and were not sure why they were wearing "dolls". once the "twin fetish" was explained to us it made sense.


Wonderful piece.

Jennifer, Great looking piece! Excellent colors!

fascinating background to this artwork

Wonderful box. Love the colors, the composition. Harmony!

BrilliaNt seRies!!!

I like!! Great creative work here!!!

I love the ritual and your wonderful celebration image.
I wish we had more in the Western culture to celebrate women's many passages. So many times when something doesn't go right nobody knows what to do or say. Love your work Jennifer

looove this one!

love this !!! have wonderful week to you, dear!!!!

Great looking work

Love it Jennifer !!!

Wonderful piece

I would love to see this (and your other work) in "real life"

Excellent work

This is real imagination and creation !! : )

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africa series 3: twin fetish 2
mixed media: on cardboard: pastels, bones, feathers, beads, twine
10 1/2 " L x 11" H x 2" D