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as we grow we all go through changes...from baby to young girl to young woman to....now. these changes are reflected by not just appearance, but by intangibles that are within us.......we take ourself with us as we grow (both the good and not so good), but hopefully we can also modify, add, enhance aspects of our self to fit the (growing) time and life we are living.
i am looking at myself.....the various "me"....a portrait within a portrait.
the (large) "me" is smiling.........i am happy with whom i am.....i will continue to grow and change i am sure......but......i am quite pleased with how i have nurtured myself.

on exhibition:

Touchstone Gallery
406 7th St, NW
Washington, DC
7 Jan - & Feb 9 2009

comments made:

Jennifer: This is wonderful, fun and awe-inspiring - from outside to within - for me. Outside is the art - within is the spirit. We should all do this - if we could that is. I love it!!!! It's inspirational and so positive! Hugs to you!

Wonderful piece. love the carpet tacks

Very Nice Work!

This is really special.

The question of the "illusion of the self-consciousness" posed in a unique and brilliant way...I like the (intentionally IMO) "simple" words in your description...they denote a much deeper understanding of this subject,I think...

i also enjoy this narrative work. one tires of "pretty" images. art is evolving. i want to see new ideas!

What is the significance of the humming bird and the horse? And what about this very specific shade of lime/sea green that appears in all of your self portraits? Is that your color? Your life?

like it !!

Nicely done! Love the primitive feel of this!

Great! weird and cheerful.

you are a great artist. i love your black humour and your grotesc design. brava

the book of metamorphoses

There's always wonderful emotion in your work.

Another great-great creation by you Jennifer...

I love this!

wonderful jennifer.. yes.. totally i can relate!

☼ excellent Jennifer ☼

outstanding!! ;-)

Belle réalisation !

Wonderful work Jennifer!!

Gran trabajo!!!

Far out Jennnnnnnnifer

Wow. This is a wonderful expression on "growing up" and all the stuff that comes with it. My art work is taking photos (also gardening - and then taking photos of that). It is wonderful to see all the different ways we express ourselves and use our creative spirits. Your work is prolific. I look forward to viewing more of it in greater detail when I have the right time. I love your accidental trademark green color and story. Keep up the good work Jennifer.

I love this still my dear Jennifer. kisses anto

so strong!!

Love the image and your words. hopefully we gather wisdom to nurture ourselves with. Beautiful work Jennifer

Splendid Image !!

Hi Jennifer!!! Great work as always!!! :)

Right, unigue style!

terrific work!

I especially like the baby punching in the eye!

love it !!!

Thought provoking and very well done, as always.

Love this Jennifer. Terrific work.

Beautiful, and in harmony with the world.

Great Komposition...super style !!!

maginative & creative as always; and courageous....best wishes, Jennifer. Long may your creativity flourish

Excellent Jennifer, I think it is amazing how we are always changing i.e how we have changed the way we are with our children as they grow to adults, get married and have children of their own, then the way we are with our grandchildren always seeing the danger that we may have not have seen when raising our own children. It is lovely to have this insight through art work.

Awesome painting! Wonderful use of imagery! Love the addition of the painting in the painting!

Your insights are always enriching and impressive.

Ton commentaire m'amuse. Belle oeuvre.

I like this concept and the way you've interpreted yourself

Interesting and creative piece, nice work, have a wonderful weekend.

this is great

This is brilliant!!!

one way or the other, we make it through...longevity with growth is a gift

Dieses Bild berührt! Jedes Bild das wir malen - ist ein Teil von uns, verrät etwas über uns!

Brilliant, Jennifer!

Jennifer, a fabulous selfie, lol! I love the idea of a frame within a frame, and this is very nicely accomplished! Very creative artwork, awesome colours and composition too! Beautifully painted and presented!

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self portrait 4: changes
acrylic paint on wood
14" H x 23" L