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as we grow older more responsibilities and life events sometimes "bury" the child within. it is important to nurture our "inner child".....to not forget the joy we felt when life seemed more care free.....to be "adult" doesn't mean "no play"....one has to embrace all that life offers...to laugh, smile, celebrate......remember to play with your "toys", be they a paintbrush or a balloon.
the figure on the right (as you view the art piece) is me: grown up, but still "playing" with my "toys" (my paintbrush/my art...the joy i experience when working on my art).
on the left i am "blindfolded" in a circle of adult responsibilities...i can't see a way out...how to lose the blindfold....
the "portrait" on the easel is me.......at age three
the hand....my hand....lifting the blindfold...i control my life, my fate, my destiny.....my joy!

on exhibition:

Touchstone Gallery
406 7th St, NW
Washington, DC
7 Jan - & Feb 9 2009

comments made:

An amazing creation Jennifer ang so true - to be able to keep in touch with that joyful innerchild and not allow the burdens of life to weigh us down and smother that vision and joy - a real art!

Very nice. I see some "girly" toys here but with the train and balls there is some tomboy flair there as well. This is fun and whimsical. I know the importance of knowing that just because we grow old, doesn't mean we have to..."grow old".

How cool!!!

Really fantastic!!!

YES very well done!!!

Great idea!


why not?..."three years old" is a very "serious" age...the years after are just an attempt to approach what really happened then...fabulous imagery...once more...


This is fantastic ! I love what this is about.

Oh, I love it.

A great picture, I love the interesting details you give underneath too and the symbolism in your work.

Awesome, and then some... q;{>

What a great piece of work. I think your message today is the ultimate thing to remember in life. Never lose that child imagination and Joy. Fabulous expression in all ways, Jennifer.


fantastic work Jennifer!! ;-)

Love this Jennifer....xxxooo..............love this tremendously, wonderful and moving art, !!!!!

Muchos saludos!! Excelente, buena fotografía !!!,

Intéressante mise en scène Jennifer!

Love it!!! You were so cute!!!

Wow, wonderful art work!

Touching ,haunting,so meaningful, thought provoking!

Interesting image and narrative.

Hi Jennifer! Nice piece!! Growing older is compulsory ~ Growing up is optional. :)

So much fun here!!! Happy New Year!!!

Hi jennifer!!!! wonderful composition!!!


Un trabajo maravilloso, saludos, que tengas una buena semana

Still interpreting.... it's interesting, complicated and ohh, so cute.

Muito bom este trabalho!!! I wish a happy Christmas and a good New Year my Friend.

You're so right, we need to play more often!

Excellent story and illustration.

fabulous !!!

wonderful !!!

I think all children are naturally artistic and enjoy being creative by playing, drawing and painting. Unfortunately a lot of this is lost when children grow and are "educated".

Un travail incroyable! bravo!

Une grande originalité

I was once told, "If you make it to fifty without growing up, you don't have to."
I made it! A brilliant piece of art, rich in symbolism.

Truly awesome! I love the artist and the masterpiece photo in the painting!

still love this one, jennifer!

This is one of your best, and illustrates perfectly the "child within us". In your case you can illustrate that. Adult responsibilities do bind us, and I am sure many of us have images in our mind of earlier days and what brought joy. The Ties that Bind seem at once to be tangible and intangible.....holding us in physically and mentally. You break free through creativity....

Very cool expression, makes me reflect my own personality

Another amazing creation Jennifer, I can so relate to your art work.

Great ... nice to see this wonderful work, Jennifer !!

I like the sentiment in this. I seem to play more and more as I get older.

Wonderful as always!

so wonderful. so very excellent. right on Jennifer..potent n powerful

Great work Jennifer, I play more now than I have for years, come and join me!.

beautiful work...I have yet to find myself leaving childhood

This looks fantastic!

So wonderful!

Really love it !

Great creation....well done.

part of you still is...or you wouldn't be such a creative artist


Heehee Jennifer, a selfie within a selfie, lol! It's amazing the word "selfie" only came about just a couple of years ago :-)

If our memory serves us well, I believe we relive our past as we age, and it's usually our fond memories of more joyous times! I also believe from the day we are born to the day we pass on, we are the age of one. We only make up our birthdays using the calendar year. So, we're any age we want to be in our journey of life. A beautiful and colourful painting of your childhood activities, and fabulous composition too!

it's good to have still something of our childhood in our heart...and there is surely something of you in this artwork !

Wow! Fantastic image Jennifer :)

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self portrait 3: i used to be three years old and sometimes i think i still am
mixed media: on wood: acrylic paint, tissue paper
23" L x 14" H