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we all have "skin"/layers that form who we are. there are times when we closely wrap ourselves in these "skins" as a way to define, protect, entice, exhibit, etc., all aspects of who we are.
in this self portrait i show myself (in the main figure) totally naked...without my self protective layer...yet, there is still some hidden aspect as i am looking at the world (and the world is seeing me) through binoculars.....i can hid (behind them) and yet i can magnify what is "out there" in order to see more clearly.
the figure to the right is me, as i "shed my skin"....ready to be open to life's possibilities....yet, still slightly cautious.....hence the "sunglasses".
the figure to the left is me as i appear to myself , not closed, no need to hid, no "skin" to shed....open to all the myriad possibilities the world has in store for me.
i am sitting in my hand.....i control my life, my fate, my destiny......and even, i suppose.....how many layers i have/or need to have.

on exhibition at:

artdc gallery
5710 baltimore avenue
hyattsville, maryland 20781
12 december-4 january 2010

Touchstone Gallery
406 7th St, NW
Washington, DC
7 Jan - & Feb 9 2009

comments made:

This piece must have been braver for you than the other one. In the other portraits even the nudes (which is a brave move for any artist) are positioned more coyly and running away from the composition. These are much more confrontational...all three figures are "full frontal" and less guarded than the other one. How do you feel letting your guard down a little more? Is it scary? Freeing? Enlightening?

I love this!

You got it going on, Jennifer.

love the quirky matter and coloring on all of these. well done!

fantastic piece.


An outstanding piece, love the serpent hands.

Another great one, Jennifer! This one is very very inspiring to me. I find it hopeful.

So cool Jennifer! ;-)

I've come back to look at this; I think its my favourite, beautiful tribal, modern-primitive feel. Excellent!

Elements of Aquaman, Star Wars, and some whimsy added for good measure. All around cool piece.

Wow!!! Prismatic!!!


Wow. Jennifer this is an art therapists dream. ; ) I love how expressive your work is. It is bold, primal and wonderful.

Highest Art...

fabulous Jennifer

Great , well done !

un cuadro magnifico jenifer, espero que todo vaya mejorando

I love the symbolic aspect of your art.

wonderful self portrait !!..courageous...powerful n potent !!..well done !!..

Wonderful work Jennifer!

Very colorful - great artwork!

Wow!!! Prismatic!!! Everyone seems to be inspired to see something a little different than the last person. That is success!

Highest Art...

Still impressed by this great piece of Art!...

Great and very creative work! Interesting description of your thinking behind this piece!

Hello my dear Jennifer, you make always original, powerful work. Ciao Antonella

Pretty Cool!! I seem to have an innate affinity for slithery reptillions... I was immediately drawn into your piece! thanks!

wow.. not only did you make this with such meaning , but you have described it for others in the language of words...

you do some awesome work

Wow. I like this one very much! Very colorful and original.

Eccellente lavoro. Ciao, Jennifer

Some people shed their skin, the ones with skin complaints put their skin in sheds. Their behaviour might seem rash but I hope to shed some light on it one day.


Nice work, beautiful elements of composition and colours !!! Great interpretation of self-portrait, Jennifer !!!

I like this painting very much,it is groovy!……like you!

This is mind blowingly good.

wild ride through your website, my compliments !

Excellent work, good to see all your different layers. Congrats

Love it!

It is always such fun to view your work... I find it really refreshing and thought provoking..... and just pure fun!

Fantastic set!!!!!

To renew oneself is the best way forward

Beautiful Jennifer!!

Stunning piece !!!!!!!

Wonderful ... love it, Jennifer !!

Fantastic imagination.

Wow! I paint, but can't create anything as awesome as this! Wish I could!

Wonderful work.

I adore your "self portrait"!!! So much heart and soul creative energy here. You are astonishingly wonderful! I'm an admirer! Hugs - and happy weekend. I went by our "road" today - ti's beautiful - so bright with yellow leaves all over it. I always think of you when I am there. xo

your strong creative drive is admirable, well done !

You chameleon, you... another interesting work of art...

Lovely description to this intricate work..


wonderful! great concept!

Magníficas cores!!! Parabéns.

WOW!...Absolutely beautiful! Fantastic colors and composition! Stunning art work! Love it!

Fine self portrait!. Personally I think I'm down to the last few skins, the years and rubbing against the world have eroded the rest away. -grin-

Great series of art creations!

this is very expressive and evocative

Outstanding work and a colorful comp :-))

I simply hide behind my camera:) An excellent interpretation of our various skins and masks.

Striking art and a super capture of it!

Das ist klasse, jennifer beinhacker... d §°.°§


Oh, wonderful - if only we could!

De superbes couleurs et création !!!!

Excellent piece of art Jennifer.

a catching eyes artwork !

Amazing work Jennifer ,

Terrific painting! Love the green lips!

the best "selfie" I've seen. a wonderfully artistic interpretation of Jennifer on canvas ; )

Vibrant - the New You....!! If only we could.....just peel one layer off and reveal another aspect to our nature and ourselves...

Joli ton auto-portrait.

so personal n deep. excellent concept n work

extraordinaire *****************

A very expressive and colourful image that has held my attention for some while. Have a great Sunday.

beautiful creative artwork

through all the changes, you've also made the horizontals and verticals strong making the work flow so easily...true art..

I thought of being like an onion so many times and to dig deeper made me often cry ;-) shedding skin like a snake is a great metaphor and also wearing sunglasses or using binoculars...fantastic image again, Jennifer!

caution is the key...never ending search is the essence...great work

super arbeit ****

Very creative mind

Extremely beautiful !!!

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self portrait 2: shedding my skin
mixed media: acrylic paint on wood, water color paint, paper
17" L x 19" h