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in west africa the birth of twins is a rare and much revered occurence. when twins are born the mother (and families) visit the fetishman and offerings are given to the "twin fetish". these are feathers, blood, animal sacrifice, etc. in many of the small villages neal and i visited there were a plethora of "twin fetishes". when a twin dies (the mortality rate is extremely high for all babies in west africa) the mother wears a "doll" wrapped in the front of her clothes. when the mother feeds the still alive twin she also feed the "doll" that "represents" the dead twin. she does everything with the "doll" that she does for the still alive twin. neal and i had seen alot of women with dolls in the front of their clothes and were not sure why they were wearing "dolls". once the "twin fetish" was explained to us it made sense.


One of my favorites of your work, something so spirtiual about this creation. It's very beautiful Jennifer : - ))

Wonderful tone! simple direct Beauty!

Fabulous imagery!!

Your artwork continues to fascinate me Jennifer.

Outstanding work!

Really draws my interest and sparks my imagination. Great piece!

I love your creations, jenniferbeinhacker.com

...another great work of art from you Jennifer...

GreAt Jennifer!!!

Beautiful work !!!!

°°°°° Very good work °°°°°

...and is that not a very wonderful ritual to give honor to a dead twin...it makes the living twin not feel guilty for being alive. We miss rituals like that in the Western World...the world would be more healthy with rituals. Your painting is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Wonderful ... fantastic !!!!

This is great - thanks for sharing it.

wow! and i love that it's painted on cardboard! brilliant work my friend

another fav of mine from you.. love how you captured the look of wonder. :)

Beautiful!!! Excellent work!!!

Love this! Their expressions are great...so inquisitive.

Brilliant, hot colours. I love it.

Ciao My dear Jennifer, your works.... it's impossible to ignore them :-)))


great art...and, happy holidays to you

Lovely African art!

This is one of your best; I like the apparent simplicity of the complex imagery

very beautiful and interesting !

Simply exquisite work!

Wonderful work of art!

Wonderful piece and thanks for the background information Jennifer.


This is one of your best, Jennifer. Stunning work. Simple (apparently) composition, perfectly balanced.


I still think this is one of your best. A beautiful artwork.

Another masterpiece Jennifer. Have a great weekend.

another very beautiful artwork ! (here I appreciate particularly the composition)
have a lovely day

Fabulous artwork, Jennifer! Stunning painting!

Well done!

Couleurs fabuleuses !!!

music in your works!!

Very interesting ... wonderful art, Jennifer. I particularly like how you kept this painting raw and natural. The use of the cardboard speaks to this 'rawness.' A super painting and a very informative caption !!


Your work is so outstanding, love your use of colour, everything is so bold.

Fascinating information and an uncomplicated and brilliant pastel . Have a wonderful weekend Jennifer.

Wonderful creative work !

Fabulous work!

Lovely colours and textures Jennifer, beautiful artwork and wonderful creativity! A fabulous painting and nicely composed too!

Nice to see once again!

Very strong piece, Jennifer, and thank you for the detailed explanation!

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africa series 3:twin fetish
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