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self portrait 1:masks
we all wear masks...some (masks/faces) we show to people, some we hid and some are private. the "skulls" represent the inner me...what lies beneath the surface. the "face" is me as i show myself to everyone. the two "masks" are what lies hidden. sometimes i lift the mask. but if some get too close and i don't want to lift the mask...beware..there are pins in the mask to protect me. i am sitting in my hand...i control my life, my fate, my destiny.

mixed media:acrylic paint on wood, masks, sequins, beads, straight pins

on exhibition:

Touchstone Gallery
406 7th St, NW
Washington, DC
7 Jan - & Feb 9 2009

comments made:

A classic baroque nude pose coupled with the garish colors and style of Day of the Dead. I like the idea and enjoy how this turned out. Admittedly self portraits are difficult. I don't do them even though I'm considered handsome...not classically so but in a roguish way. I know what you mean about the masks that protect us.

...Unique and provocative...your style impresses me...

Exceptional Work

supreme consciousness of you and of the route of the soul

Wonderful reflection. Just so raw and honest, love it.

this is fantastic..great description.. i can so relate!

Love it!!!

I really like it

..I see You, I see You, I see You...

you bring fun into this world, which is very much appreciated :)

Very interesting and crazy idea .... i like it !!!!!!!

Fantastic work.

Great self-portrait and interesting description :) Are you a Scorpion woman? these pins remind me of myself :)

HI Jennifer! Your art is always bold and pure with colors that are strong...love it!!

An amazing piece of work Jennifer. You may not know where you are going when you start a piece, but they are always fascinating. Love reading your interpretations etc. too. :)

estaba siendo un dia feliz. dia de primavera. dia de ilusiones. malditos fantasmas interiores. no podreis torcer mis labios. largaros ya de mi

soul on the run.

Cool !

Great image,,, J`adore !!!

supreme counsciousness of you and of the route of the soul

It's different but I really like it

Awesome work, nice to read the explaination behind this creative piece

Very interesting work

Un trabajo impresionante, me gusta, saludos que tengas un buen fin de semana

Very well done Jennifer.

Yes, we all do wear masks. This is a powerful interpretation. Well done.Have a lovely day :-))

Excellent work again!

absolutely superb !!!

yep ... it is great!

This piece is so much fun to examine your artwork. Great stuff!

difficult for to understand your work, but i feel it is great. friendly !

Wild, provocative and funny...what a combination! Cool :-)

Life control, fate control, destiny... is what all women want, but that doesn't happen in all parts of the world, there are places where the man decides even life of their wives and daughters ... live or die ...Only to add, is a very beautiful painting symbolic and very original.

So truthful, I think we all have to admit to wearing and hiding behind masks.

Well illustrated and well said.

Excellent Jennifer, when I saw this I thought of myself sitting in the dentist's chair and my inner feelings were I just want to do a runner, one of my fears.

Hi Jennifer, I see your boundless energy in this image....!

Genial work Jennifer !

Amazing work of art! Love the figures, giant hand and skulls!

I appreciate very much your explanation. you show what you are!

WOW ... I like it very much, Jennifer !

Masks fascinate me and if we take off one of them another is beneath...are we scared to look into nothingness that in same time is everything?

Another interesting image Jennifer

this takes rubbernecking to a new height...quite beautiful work

loved the paintings I felt "Masks" was so powerful thanks Ruth

Very good one, Jennifer !

D'une créativité manuelle déconcertante bravo pour ce millier de visites et +.

very original self, a great conceptual !!! I appreciated also your words, Jennifer.

This is truly fascinating. I imagine it is a reflection of you and your personality. You have a rare talent. Thank you for allowing us all to share this.

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self portrait 1: masks
mixed media
19 1/2" x 19 1/2"