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pastel on wood: water soluble pastels, collage, sharpie ink pen

18" X 12"

jennifer beinhacker
art outside the edge

inspired by our upcoming trip to asia. we are leaving 13 october 2016 and will return early december....just us two, our backpacks....and our sense of adventure.
we will visit china, tibet, nepal, bhutan, india, burma, and japan

The mahakalas literally black grandparents belong to a class of deities very special Vajrayana: protectors of education, or Dharmapalas in Sanskrit.
As much this path of Vajrayana lamas are the source of blessings and yidams one of fulfillment as the Dharmapalas symbolize the source of the awakened Buddha activities.Therefore, they are also called protectors of primordial wisdom. In essence, they are emptiness and dynamism is compassion. And dynamism of the ultimate nature can be expressed in four distinct bias: peace, growth, power and intensity. Where peaceful means and reason alone are no longer sufficient or adapted to a situation, even stronger coercive means may be employed. This is what we find, again only on a symbolic level, these wrathful manifestations of enlightened mind. In the manner in fact the severity can be expressed, if conditions allow, by parents of their young child and only for his own good.
The different aspects of mahakalas "Bernakchèn, that the black cloak" , "Tchadroukpa, the 6-arm" , or "Goeunkar, white who watches" ) so all have a symbolic genesis that relates to the Buddha, or the one who personifies pure and universal compassion, Avalokiteshvara or Chenrezig.
In Vajrayana, meditations and rituals Mahakala are thus very effective both to protect a spiritual transmission lineage of any kind of degeneration and meditating obstacles it may encounter during his meditations, but also to gather the favorable circumstances the practice of Dharma.


A wonderful range and use of colour, a really vivid palette.If any painting reminds me subconsciously of a spicy curry, this is it! Have a great trip and take care. You will return full of inspiration!

J' a.d.o .r.e.

fantastic jennifer.

Awesome, colorful Hindu work! Have a safe and great trip to Asia!

very nicely done and presented !

Fantastic - colours and composition!

Fantastic work. Have a memorable trip.

Lovely "happy" colours, Jennifer and wonderful array of pastels. A fabulous painting, superb artwork and so beautifully presented too! I hope you two have a marvelous trip to these Asian countries, enjoy and please stay safe! I know Buddhism is not about converting others to a way of thinking, but that of converting oneself to inner peace and goodness. Take care on your journey of peace and inner fulfillment!

such amazing colors!

Another creative beauty, Jennifer!

Magnifique !

Fantastic painting Happy weekend Jennifer!

beautiful work here

Wonderful inspiration ... in the good colors ! Have a nice trip, dear Jennifer.

Beautiful vivid colours.

sublime travail jennifer ! belle semaine ! bisous ensoleillés

Wow that's quite an adventure Jennifer, I wish you a terrific trip and look forward to more images on your return, love the colours by the way.

wow....have fun and stay safe.

Great work....well done Jennifer

Impressionnante composition

Hi my friend:-) Awesome and powerful art,as always:-)!!

Always intriguing and interesting to see.

Nice and colourful work.

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ode to bhutan-mahakala the protecter