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mandala 8- the environment of the body

mixed media: acrylic painting on wood, water color paint, cheese box, collaged paper dolls, buttons, shells, ribbon, sequins, jewels, beads, lace, stamps, carpet tacks

12 1/2" W X 21" L X 3" D


:))) superb ! Have a lovely weekend , dear jennifer !

Grossartig, ein wunderbares Bild!!!

awesome work, Jennifer :-)

A fabulous artwork

Very interesting

amazing image...fantastic art

Very Nice my friend Jennifer Congratulations. Regards, Alberto

Wonderful Mandala, dear Jennifer !!! Have an HAPPY week !

Wow I like this!!!

Muito bem executado este fantástico trabalho!!!

beautiful assemblage!

The environment of the body embodied right down to the blood. As always, thought provoking and very well done art.

looks like lot of blood. pain. something went wrong.

Superb Creation, Jennifer !!! Wonderful Art !!!

Toujours beaucoup de recherches,j'aime ce travail...Bonne semaine.

striking work Jennifer! saludos

bravo, beautiful art work, my dear friend! :* <3

Nice :))))

I am a little in awe of your imagination and creativity, although I do not pretend to have very much knowledge of your kind of artistry! Suffice to say that your image is extremely interesting with lots of visual impact, if also a little disturbing! One can't help but search for a story or hidden meaning here!
Very intriguing and probably just the sort of stimulus you are trying to create for your viewers! :-)

Definitely a lot to digest and think about =)

As always ...awesome art Jennifer.

Great art work !

Love the way you use different media to create these lovely pieces.

Séance Vaudou........compo étrange et envoûtante**

This is gorgeous

loving the eyes...looking everywhere

J'aime l'originalité des tes peintures !!!!!

So beautiful....what a delightful mandala my friend!

This is a wonderful job, Jeniifer !

Fantastic use again of all those things you collected...I love how you mix them with your paintings and how you present it.

Magnificent, great work!

great work, very suggestive ! have a lovely evening

beau mandala suggestif et magnifique*****************************Beau début de semaine Jennifer ! kisses

delightful horror

Outstanding work.

A masterpiece Jennifer.

Had to come back for another look. There's so much to see in this.

Very beautiful!

Beautiful, Jennifer !! Love it !!!!!!

That's a beauty to behold!! Very nice indeed !!! I wish you a happy day.

A real masterpiece! Love the choice of media, faces, and colors!

beautiful and creative image here, Jennifer! Lovely colours to this artwork too!

Wonderful picture !

Wonderfully provocative mixed media piece. To see the body as environment implies looking at it from a non-human point of view, ie. the viewpoint of other organisms that may inhabit it. So, yes, let there be blood. I know a forensic entomologist who would like this a lot :-)

Well done Jennifer

Wonderful painting and treatment rendered joliments ..Good and enjoyable evening.

Bela e sublime. Abraço.

Great job, dear Jennifer! I wish you a happy Sunday!

It's human existence - the female perspective. A mix of calm and pain and the many emotions inbetween....and as always completed in a highly innovative and unique style. I know of no other artist with this vision or perspective.

With great originality, I love what you do. Good and sweet week.

Lovely work my friend:))

Beautiful job!

Great work!***

thought-provoking, as usual

Artistically 100 procent!!!! Wow dear what a beauty this is, Respect Jennifer, Tru excellents here. Cheers, Janwillem

a really original mandala, great contrast between the 2 parts !

Pas experte en Mandalas, je m’arrête donc sur le côté artistiques, c'est ainsi qu'ils me parlent !

Very nice composition

Hi Jennifer takes me a while with your images as I love other peoples interpretations of your work which is always original and generally thought provoking as in this excellent image.

Great sense

This is awesome


great creation, jennifer!

Interesante tu obra Jennifer. Mis saludos

Such a wonderful creation, Jennifer!

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mandala 8-the environment of the body