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dialogues of the dead-10th dialogue

debates in the nether regions between the shades of real and imagined characters, sometimes with supernatural beings

painting-acrylic painting on wood, collaged paper, stamps,acrylic paint, metallic paint

based on my travels in ethiopia at rock hewn churches

28" X 11"

jennifer beinhacker
art outside the edge


24 march-6 may 2017
1800 s. bell street
arlington, virginia


This work screams VOYAGE...to me...love the crackle in the background...adds uncertainty...endless stream of the soul...

Awesome work of art!

Excellent, my friend...I love your representation, your influences are so wide-ranging

Great job !

Interesa pentra ;o, por pripensi la aferon.

Bella obra, tu estilo es hermoso, me encanta!!!

fantastic !


Such lovely combination of colors in your work again Jennifer!! Excellent as always, Respect, Janwillem

Superbe !

. it is wonderful to see your immense talent.

Fantastic work !!!!

Beautiful !!!!! yes, as always ...Have a lovely weekend , jennifer . :)))))

Teatral, intenso e muito belo. Emocionante. Excelente escolha de cores. Parabéns.

So cool and the title makes you think too.

Great work Jennifer

Nice & Strange!

amazing image jennifer...fantastic...

So wonderful how you put forth the strong visual strength of your mythos. . . internal memory is a guidance and a blessing. thanks

A nightmare world, presented in vivid color. Very creative, as always.

Brilliant ...Great art :)

WOW!...Amazing work! Fabulous painting!

marvelous !

Wonderful creation well captured

* Beautiful and artistic image Jennifer.

Nice & Strange!

Fantásticas cores nesta excelente imagem!!!

Fantastic work, Jennifer!

:)) Great !

amazing and powerfull

beautiful and creative art work :-)

Thanks for sharing your art work Jennifer !

it is fascinating to see how different peoples imagine "life" after death, and also the rituals with preparing/honouring the deceased, and how this treatment changes or not over the centuries and millennia....

WOW! So vivid and colorful. Disturbing, haunting, and thought-provoking as well. So interesting to see your interpretive art!

Marvellous set of images depicting dialogues of the dead. Haunting and colourful

Sure impressive and well done ! ******... and so nice to meet an artist like you Jennifer ! (:o))

Un espectacular trabajo, bonitos colores, me gusta, saludos amiga que tengas un buen Miercoles

This looks awesome


Incredible Artwork my friend ! Great colors and creative composition ! A wonderful weekend ! : )

Fantastic artwork! I love primitive stuff.

This is awesome work Jennifer

Humanity's worst fears given shape and form. You don't compromise in your work, and I like that.

ton monde est des plus insolites ! bravo jennifer. have a nice day my friend ! kisses

Fantastic, Jennifer

Great composition

Terrific work Jennifer

Amazing Art again jennifer...unique style..fabtastic image

awesome and wonderful!

trippy stuff Jennifer

Great dialogues and wonderful creative vision with the mysteries of dead and life that remember the ancient Egyptian mystic with a christian vision ! Great Artwork and glad to see you again ! : )

wow......so cool

Amazing work

Wonderful and very artistic work. Well done Jennifer. Regards Tess

Excellent art!

Amazing work, Jennifer

there is an agelessness here with symbolism for ever...great work

That is awesome Jennifer

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dialogues of the dead-10th dialogue