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debates in the nether regions between the shades of real and imagined characters, sometimes with supernatural beings

exhibited at:

Artomatic 2008
Washington, DC
9 May– 15 June 2008

comments made:

great work....
they have lost their heads over this situation.....

A strong grouping of forms!

I like that you incorporated a drawing in the background, the mixture of mediums and give and take of the 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional adds depth to the piece; Hi Jennifer.

...Highest Art...

Excellent work, so many details to ponder over!!


What an incredible series! and this is exceptional in my eyes!

totally rad. The worn silver string is a sweet touch.

reminds very much to african art. well done

_ cooL

Very imaginative and inspirational. I like the way you attached these dolls with the woolen threads.

Very cool work!

how great is this? VERYVERY

Well documented.Could be a book ! :-)

you have such a knack for powerful images whether you draw, paint or build..................

Awesome work!!!!!!!!

great work you have here! this one i love!

Another visit to your woooonderful artwork, dear friend!!!

Interesting artwork. The best of luck with your exhibit.

Great work, mind, everything you do is great.

a great work to discover this morning. i like the rawness and the figures - Barbies?! - that seem like they're held prisoners. nice overall appearance.

This is simply wonderful! I love assemblage art & you have done such an excellent example! Congratz on such a fine job.

played with some similiar things today funny finding yours, makes me smile

great work,as always;))

COOL:::GREAT... a sad look on the human reality....Well done. Antonella

most interesting.

Very interesting! I like this composition!

wacky but great.. love it!

Great work.

Touchante vision!

This piece is really nice

Merveilleux Jennifer! Bravo!

Fabulous mixed media piece !!!!!!

eine fantastische assemblage ****lg siegfried

Um precioso trabalho com uma boa execução!!! Parabéns.

... reminds me of the art of the peoples of Africa and the both Americas ... very interesting style! I hope you continue, Jennifer ! :-)

Exceptional work of art!

YAY!!! You make them speak a fantastic language!

I like the layers in this assemblage, with the influence of the ancient underlying the "modern". Creative and typical of your unique style. Enjoy your day, Jennifer

Oustanding !!

...travail très intéressant ....

Terrific work of art Jennifer.

Another nice piece of creativity!

Take some terror, tie it together with some decorative string...and you get another remarkable piece of art!

Oh wow amazing! Excellent work!! Love it

great assemblage, full of suggestions ! have a lovely week Jennifer !

Amazing....great work Jennifer

Another creative piece of work:))

Still love this one....it has life in it, actually

so many interesting layers here

great art

A great job!

Fabulous Artwork Jennifer....

Really great image and work, Jennifer!

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dialogues of the dead ... second dialogue
mixed media: wood fruit box: acrylic paint, dolls, bones, carpet tacks, wool, thread spool, bottle caps, bones, stones, straight pins, beads, marbles
11" x 10" x 5"