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This is very good Jennifer !!

Intéressant ce montage.

plenty of behind the scenes action in your version of the events :)

Hello Jennifer. Molto bello il tuo lavoro, come tutti!!!

Just wonderful !!

hi jennifer, a very great and nice collage!

oh so very cool jennifer!

beautiful collage!

Love it - this collage has a lot to say! :D

heavenly pure!

I love this one, Jennifer!

Beautiful artwork; excellent :-D

Excellent Work!

My dear Jennifer, sending You flowers of Hugs!!
You make this Earth more Human by Your Unique Brave Emotional Way! Celebrating Life like it IS.
Nothing make up!! Nothing plastic!
You go Right into Center of Pain, Joy, Danger Doubts and all this package that is "useful" to be avoided if we want __________ <<< stable condition :-)
Happy and proud to feel You as Friend.
Your Art invite my Aliveness, make me stronger Alive! !

facinating creation

I like this work!


Great work!

great work..!!!

Hi, I really like your work

Good to see it again!

very nice Jennifer. I like how the text is obscured

wonderful compo!

Ciao Jennifer

Superb, Jennifer. Truly amazing !! Hugs !


Super composition!!


What can I say--I can't get enough of your art--raw or not raw! How bout grilled, lol??
Got to visit your other things this week--Best regards & Take Care, JMP.

Another very interesting piece of work Jennifer, very nice indeed !!! Trev

Cool work :)...



Magnifico trabajo, saludos y que pases un buen Domingo

Interesting combination of elements. Well done.

its a fine Work!

Wirklich eine ausgezeichnete, interessante und kunstvolle Fotoarbeit!

guten tag ig


Sublime art work!

jenniferbeinhacker.com collage “self taught” “acrylic painting “”acrylic paint” “folk art” “mixed media” assemblage “water color paint” women men children faces hands dolls surrealism expressionism “visionary art” “primitive art” “deviant art” “folk art”
eden twisted
mixed media: on wood: acrylic paint, watercolor paint, paper
15" x 18"