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i was taking a walk and came across, in the trash, two of these round wood pieces. the shapes appealed to me immediately.
they sat in my studio for ages until i finally figured out what i wanted to do with them.
i am currently working on the second piece of wood which will be a companion piece to this.

because i photographed it head on some of the pieces do not show up as clearly as they do when you are actually looking at it.
the "dark" color of some of the dolls is because i "plant" them in my garden and let sun, wind, rain, snow age them.
and yes...i did rip off the heads!


Washburn Arts Center Linda K. Jordon Gallery
Gallaudet University
800 Florida Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002
30 august-21 september 21012

18151 s. bell street
arlington, virginia
18 may-24 june, 2012


your orchestration of the seemingly random is outstanding within the structures, from mandalas to box frames, that you choose because they speak so eloquently to the outsider, the left-fielder. It's inspirational.

Oh, beautiful, strong Jennifer!!

Hi dear! What an amazing collage this! congratulations!

Definitely some wild artwork

Imaginative and intriguing. I, too, am fascinated with the endless circle. There are many possible metaphysical interpretations for this piece. Inspired work!

A cool circle of the Queen of the Spiders...Awsome.

beautiful art! ... as always! :] oOo

A wonderful mandela. Full of life and promises.

Fantastic Jennifer!! :o)

Like a surrealistic clock, nicely assembled

Serving you a plate of dolls...like chopsticks, Jennifer!!!!

This is seriously fantastic work Jennifer, I love the doll at the bottom, the way her hair and the beads are falling.

Seu processo criativo é tão espetacular e fascinante quanto as suas obras. Fico alegre e maravilhado sempre que me deparo com uma obra sua. Elas são instigantes e tornam toda a nossa percepção e entendimento em ilusão; pois elas vão além de nossa imaginação.
Essa mandala é uma viagem única para a arte experimental, onírica e ousada. Abraços minha amiga.

Scary ... but compelling ;-)!

love it J!

Es un trabajo fantastico, saludos

What a beautiful composition and colours jennifer :-)))

Beautiful, thought provoking work!

wow so cool :-) great idea

Very beautiful work

great work my friend

Quite amazing really

hi Jennifer, love these new round pieces!

New shape but, same POWER!!!! Have a week-end full of HAPPINESSSSSS, LLLLLLLLLoLLL, johnny

Marvelous work, fantastic and creative !!!!

outstanding and very original !

The show must go on. No answers. No rules. Not comfort Just the coincidence. We are on the plate ready to be served. while we imagine Life is under our control. while we imagine there must be Something More. Wheel of Mis/Fortune never stops running

great composition!

Awesome job

Amazing creative image..

I love your work

eine super arbeit ****lg siegfried

hmmmm...I must learn to weather my dolls.

very creative !

Your work is so inspiring!

This is amazing

Adore your Mandalas

Love it, of course, Jennifer...!

Interesting, while disturbing. Nicely done.

This is interesting work. Nicely done. Darrell



excellent jennifer!

Fantastic work!

Special, interestng work!

very interesting series - your mandalas, jennifer !

Perfect !!!!!

Spinning around, the many pulls and facets of a female life.....but the centre is strong, so things don't fall apart

beautiful assemblage!

a mandala with barbies !!! very original !!!!

Vraiment original….Bon samedi !

Fantastic creation Jennifer.

Another creative gem!

Beautiful work

A vicious circle:) So much to see, the spider is a great touch.

I like to look through your website from time to time. There's always something to catch my eye and this is a fine example. Excellent thought provoking work, Jennifer.
Have a great week ahead.

Un trabajo impresionante, saludos


very clever

great image, very creative! have a nice Sunday dear!

brava! :] oOo

Wonderful work..interesting Mandela...

lovely work Jennifer


It's amazing work indeed

A very beautiful work

better than good!

Beautiful work

De todas as maneiras e experimentações essa arte continuará sendo um projeto inovador e de infinitas interpretações artísticas. Ela se revelará sempre muito elevada e majestosa para desafiar nossa percepção estética e criativa. Parabéns.

Very creative; great artwork:-D

nice work Jennifer, have a good Sunday

I like this a lot!!!


A clever and creative act of recycling

lovely, and I admire your creativity !!

Very Nice excellent my friend Jennifer.

Fantastic....I admire your fantasy........


That is a magnificent creation Jennifer

another genial composition, your creativity is always at the top !

Belle créativité,Jennifer.

I love the composition here Jennifer, beautifully put together and very nicely presented! An fabulous creative process!

This is a strange piece and yet somehow, how I feel living in the city. Unique style.

Fabulous Art Jennifer....

I love how the faces on the edge of the circle almost look like they are contained in tea bags

Excellent work

Great composition Jennifer!

Wonderful work, my friend!

jenniferbeinhacker.com “self taught” mandalas  “acrylic paint” dolls “Barbie dolls” “jaw bones” teeth  flowers “folk art” “mixed media” assemblage collage “doll heads” “carpet tacks” twine “match box” “match box art” beads shells sequins “safety pins” “pr
mandala 1
mixed media on wood: dolls (some weathered in my garden), one wrapped in hospital casting material), acrylic paint, twine, nails, carpet tacks, beads, bone, shells, spider, doll heads, collaged paper. straight pins, safety pins
36 " round X 5" depth