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debates in the nether regions between the shades of real and imagined characters, sometimes with supernatural beings.

i have always been visited by family and friends who have died. they come to visit me in my dreams. although they never talk to me (the dead can't talk) i know they are coming to see me and see how everything is going. my most often visitor is my beloved mother-in-law. i am always delighted to see her because i love her very much and miss her every day. when she was still alive i would often call her to tell her that dad (her husband, neal's father) had come to me. she would always ask me how did he look. i would reply he looked wonderful. she took much comfort in that.
this summer a good friend of mine died. i dreamt about him and in my dream i said "can you see, he is not dead, he is not dead". but alas, he did not speak......he just came to see me since i had been on summer holiday when he died and i did not get a chance to say goodbye.
i find it very comforting to have everyone come to see me.....


Thank you for sharing your extraordinary experiences and the art derived from them....it is always interesting to find what motivated the artist to express themselves.....in a certain way....

strong composition... interesting theme and context

very powerful - I wish I had those kind of visits = )

i understand. i have prophetic dreams, not of the dead, although i wish i would !!!
thanks for sharing

The artist can see beyond...

Strong visual composition..so unique and outstanding..like it..

Es un trabajo fabuloso, saludos y feliz domingo.

love the way you put this together - so cool!!!!!!!!!!

more great imagery. i love the overall palette.

Jennifer: I love reading what you have to say about the dead, the spirits, the places beyond the obvious... in your thoughts, words and art. I find a lot of comfort in what you see, do and display. It's so interesting, but also refreshingly honest and creative.

Really a great work! Intense...bravo!

fantastica !!!!!!!!!!!!! un trabajo genial !!!!!!!

Lovely story accompany this exquisite work..

very nice

great work

Hi Jennifer !! Deep, intense and strong awareness ..... I love that your people come to see you in your dreams... and I still don't know how you keep up with so much correspondance ... it is a mystery .. . Always best wishes to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Monday Jennifer:-D Expressive collage!


Really a great work! Intense...bravo!

hello jennifer!

I like this one. It seems more humorous a less threatening

Brutal Grin, Superiority and Helpless in eternal cycle, so Strong and Alive!!!

Very creative and contemplative. Also the greys and reds seem very fitting.

Superb dialogue...what an excellent work of art!

Very nice indeed Jennifer!, Trev

Good work!!!

Jennifer--You are so creatively fantastic--like a modern day Shaman--& you have the most maginificent imagination {more like a cosmic consciousness) that you freely share with all your fans! I feel like incorporating some of your most eccentric ideas into a poem, story or other type of creation & dedicating it to you! Don't ever stop your stunning creativity & narratives- John. Best Wishes for a Fantastic Weekend!

Awesome and sentimental!!

Toujours super mon amie!

This is so great!

eine fantastische arbeit ****lg siegfried

Obra-prima minha amiga. Há tanta delicadeza e poesia na intensidade dessa arte que ficamos maravilhados e fascinados ao apreciá-la. Sua arte é sempre divina e bela.
Muito lindo. Abraço Jennifer

formidable meditation about.....

salute, Jennifer! Excellent Artwork! You did great job! nice week to you..

Excellent work, Jennifer !!!

so incredibly interesting to read jennifer... I love your visions, visits in your original and expressive art work... this painting pulls me into a different world... fascinating to look at....and wonder~

an interesting composition. truly a picture of dreams, and its visitors.

Very excellent work......!! Hugs from Taiwan and have a nice Day ! Kind regards. Fu-yi

Beautiful art, my friend. Very evocative! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Alucinante !!! muy bueno

WOWww. Excellent. Love it.

hello jennifer

Thank you for sharing. The most important is that the dead are with us, either in mind when we are doing something during the day or in dream ! They are part of us ...

Amazing creative work!

Creative works^^

wonderful collage!. well done

let us always remind that they remain with us.

excellent work

Amazing art, Jennifer!!!

Amazing work

...salute Jennifer!.......great art!....happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

fantastica !!!!!!! genial !!!!!!!!!!!!!! un saludo y buena semana !!!!

Colossal work

Great picture and wonderful story ;)

Wow! True surrealistic art work!

can be kinda ghoulish but this can also be interpretation of a dream! remarkable idea and execution. have a great sunday jennifer

perfect work!!!

Good work!!

Very cool work.

Impresionante composicion. Muy buena. Saludos

beautiful work dear Jennifer..people only die if they are forgotten..

good morning jennifer :) what a nice composition :) superB!!!!

Everything you do is so free.

nice layout. amazing colors and perspective.

beautiful and disquieting!!!!!!! have a good sunday!!!

one strikingly beautiful image.


Your work is looking great

Wonderful. I too see those who have departed this world. It started about 12 yrs ago and has gotten more frequent with the passing of time. I don't talk about it much because of the general disbelief and scoffs of those that are incapable of seeing for themselves. It never instills any sense of fear in me, rather, I hope only that it provides some sense of comfort to those who still wander on this earthly plane even after to death.

well done

Another very well done . And I must say, delightfully disturbing:)

J'aime vraiment ton article car moi aussi je crois à la vie après la mort car nos morts ne sont plus ou ils étaient mais ils sont partout ou nous sommes avec leur esprit…..ça fait tellement de bien de sentir leurs présence dans nos rêves !!! J'aime aussi beaucoup cette peinture, quel travail gigantesque !!!

great work jennifer....very powerful!

excellent work jennifer

I love the way you help my eyes take a journey...great work

I'm still happily disturbed:)

awesome story...you are truly blessed.

I always look forward and delight in your work, Jennifer !!


Well thought out and composed. Hope you are well.

Wonderful work, Jennifer!

The spirits of those who have passed on, especially those we know, some we hold closely and some not so, will appear from time to time. Mostly in a fond manner, and at times, others as a nightmare.
A very creative painting Jennifer to recall some of the people in your life that have visited you.

Hello Jennifer lovely work as always:) Have a wonderful weekend!!

Awesome work of art and narrative to go with it!

Awesome work!

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dialogues of the dead-5th dialogue : the visit
mixed media: on wood: acrylic paint, collaged paper, stamps, graphite pencil
24" X 19"