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I like this totem a lot and it fascinates me...all those fantastic little details and the things you have collected. Fantastic work again, Jennifer.

great work!

stunning work....this is excellent!

You have a real gift!

Très original

Beautifully put together Jennifer

Terrific work Jennifer.


Lovely work :) :)

J'aime beaucoup tes oeuvres,superbe travail.

I love the details. The skull and those little arms, the feathers, such an interesting and again very well done piece of art.

love this one jennifer...fine work!!

This is a cracking shot - lovely to see again

I LOVE skulls...and this floating feeling...great work

Un totem original,

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totem 3
mixed media: on wood post: acrylic paint, found objects, dolls, animal skull, small skulls, feathers, cloth flowers, jewels, beads, twine, wood birds, arrowhead, fishing lures
40" x 12' x 6"