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Smith Farms Gallery
1632 U Street NW
Washington DC
2 Nov – 28 Dec 2007


that's crazy, and so cool. well done.

I think this picture is absolutely gorgeous!

I think this is so cool!!!

WOW! you have put so much into this I could look at it for days! it really stands out among all the other wonderful shrines-I am so glad you found a use for all those abandoned barbies

I was very struck by this.

Jennifer I can see that you have put a lot of thinking and also intuition in here...great work...thought provoking!

fun piece to view

me encanta el título...que registros tan diferentes tienes dentro de ti...Besos


Quite mad. i love it.

There's enough to be seen... Lovely

I love this creation! Kailey would really like to play with all of this stuff, too!
At age seven, she really goes for dolls and toys like you have here...! Hey, I'll bring her over and she can play with Helena...!!

brilliant !

Feels very complex

oh, this is fun. the figures and assemblage have quite an impact. creepy in a delightful way.


weird, crazy, wacky... please don't stop.

Another powerful artwork!!!

I love it!!!!

Deliciously dark, fantastic work! :-))

I'm laughing too much for this, so ironichal and well done, you are a genious.kisses

comme une sorte de "parodie" terrestre!


magnificent image - stunning - a brilliant composition - wonderful

You're a trip Jennifer. I like it a lot.


The world need artists like you Jennifer.

Powerful, Jennifer!

nice, i like this!!

Well photographed and what a collection! I see so much work from you; do you ever sleep?

U r a genius my dear ))))))


tel un auto commentaire

Splendid work :-D



Fabulous work

jennifer, tanti baci!!!---

poor old babs.....i know how she feels

la trovo molto simpatica!!! ;););););););) ciao lucio

Oh, this is so nice ... love it !!!!

My uniqUe wOOOoOOOoW!!!

This is fantastiC, Jennifer!!!

Creative image.. Ken

wonderful composition & fabulous use of colour - superb

Ironic and humorous!

she's a naughty dolly

Ha.Ha.Ha.....love the humor in this one ! Well done!

interessante serie !

Les petites filles qui vous connaissent doivent avoir une plus haute opinion de leurs poupées

Lovin' it!!!

This is fantastic work

has a shamanistic quality to it...Barbie magic!

Cool! Great title/theme! Ken dolls, too!

Love this one

Potent imaginative creation!!!

Beautiful work :-D

This one is beautiful.

Ohoh! omniprésence!

Oh, it's lovely!!!

hehe - this is ingenious!

Love it!

I love it!!!

Fantastic Jennifer!! :0)

Very creative artwork Jennifer!!!

this is great

Fantastic! :-))

Un grand sens du détail de de la réalisation!


Genial, estupenda toma, saludos, que tengas un buen Martes

Interesting commentary on a beautiful piece of sculpture.

Brilliant work

Es un trabajo impresionante, me gusta, saludos que tengas un buen fin de semana

Excellent piece Jennifer.

this is scarey and cool.....very voodoo

Love the Voudou elements here! Perfect!

Barbie voodoo....

Its funny - your dolls as with this one, you have made them look more human and alive!

Love Your Artworks!!! Congrats. LOL Johnny

Great stuff!!!

lol, fantastic

hehe.. this one makes me chuckle!in a good way of course!!! love the baby head for some reason.. really getting a kick out of it!!


A wonderfully creative use of barbies ;)


Super simpatico!!

Funny barbie - love it but won't give it to my grand daughter to play with :-)))

Genius :D

love it.

You are the " Shock " , jennifer !

Hello Jennifer! Again, you make me look... really look. Wonderful. A good message...
I like how you deliver your messages in the unorthodox way you do. Amazing, exciting and thought provoking. Always cheering you on, Babe! xo

Crazy stuff, Jennifer! Intriguing work!

You have quite a collection of Barbie's there.

Very colourful - great composition too!

Great :-))

i'm sure this is just magnificent in real life.. love the idea behind this!

à la fin du 19éme siècle, certain photographes produisaient des scènes fixes en "anaglyphes" avec des scènettes miniatures, avec un esprit qui vous fascinerait mon amie je pense, peut être en avez vous vue?

Full of stories come to my mind

Funky Image!

i guess none of us are immune. great fun here.

Great work Jennifer , everything has but a time

Super creation jennifer

A great display that made me smile.

Hi Jennifer, wonderful as always!!!


I like the comparison and meaning......only Dorian Gray delayed the effects

original tout cela

Heehee Jennifer, Barbie seem to live forever, however, I believe the company is trying to stay in business by creating modern and appropriate versions of her in order to keep her alive for the next generation of children! Fabulous colours and very creatively put together! I love the composition! Beautifully assembled and presented!

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mixed media
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