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Smith Farms Gallery
1632 U Street NW
Washington DC
2 Nov – 28 Dec 2007

Artomatic 2007
Arlington, VA
13 April – 20 May 2007

Alexandria City Hall
11 September – 9 October 2006


Nice work, very creative design and use of multiple elements!!!

Excellent !!

great composition and colors !

WOW!! Fabulous work Jennifer!

Great composition, Jennifer! Your works are always excellent!

Unconventional and creative!

Original and imaginative.

I love this one!

this is a real beauty ... fine work !!!

Great work!

I like this piece, Jennifer...my first time viewing it. Very intriguing work here!

Ah jennifer, brings a smile to one. As always, excellent artwork.

really great.. love the symbolism here

Beautiful work; great symbolime:-))

Nice work !!!

Buddha, the spider web inhabitant ;)

Hi there, so glad to meet you!!!. Love, Bea

Wonderful art!

so wonderfully creative!!

I've seen this before. Still love it!

Beautifully composed; wonderful artwork :-D

fantastic piece with so much to see!

WoOOOooOOoW + WooOoOOoOOw!!!

art, pure art my dear. antonella


You are a super talented artist dear Jennifer. Hugs!!

So cool


This is work is so excellent Jennifer..very well done...you have brought in many images of Hindu Gods and my favorite Ganesha in red...looks so wonderful...great my friend..

This is so beautiful !

excellent art !

Beautiful!!! I love it Jennifer!!! Excellent work!!!

so personally creative!!

Revisit! I love this birth scene!

This is different. I like it.

Optical illusions abound in this.... Great and fun!

WOW, brillant!

creatively composed

Still beautiful Jennifer :-D

Hi Jennifer! Have a nice day dear!

Ah jennifer, brings a smile to one. As always, excellent artwork.

this is a real beauty ... fine work !!!

very interesting weave you've created here Jennifer..reminds me of a frame my
mom spent alot of time playing with when i was very young...lov all the little cherubs and
cobras and well knit community ... :)))

This is fabulous work

Cool....! I see a lot of work that has gone into this..!!

fine Work :-)

Very creative work again!

Your work has a very strong, individual style. It has been a pleasure to explore your website. I like this in particular!

Creative and siimpty beautiful, Jennifer !!

It's a painting in a painting, great work!

Gorgeous collage! Wonderful design and colors!

Beautiful composition!

Beautiful excellent work

Great !

This is awesome ... nice to see this wonderful work again, Jennifer !!

So nice to come back and see your wonderful work Jennifer.

How wonderful....Helena, and Buddha.So creative and the perfect image of Harmony within life.

The child feels no fear...very easy to focus on this gorgeous image...complex but easy...


wonderful art :)))

back to enjoy this wonderful painting jennifer

superb creation!!!

A lovely and creative painting Jennifer. This is fabulous artwork !

As always, an amazing collection of characters, and a great touch, those twine"rays."

Hello Jennifer, lovely work as always:). Have a wonderful weekend

Wow Jennifer what a creative and interesting piece, Have a wonderful weekend.

superb composition, very suggestive ! greetings from an atypical cold Liguria :)

what a great image...the focal point gives the entire work a home base to leave and visually explore


eine wunderbare arbeit ****lg siegfried

beauty...in the cross hairs

black rays of non-light...love it

great piece

J'aime beaucoup celle-ci Jennifer ! Un merveilleux travail ! Je te souhaite une très belle semaine.

Very interesting composition! I'm really intrigued by the way looking along the wool threads alters the depth and perspective!!

So well done, Jennifer !

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helena series 2: the birth of buddha
mixed media: on wood: acrylic paint, collage photographs, carpet tacks, wool, cloth flowers, jewels
23" x 24" x 1 1/4"