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art space gallery
750 center street
herndon, va.
16 february-11 march, 2012

Smith Farms Gallery
1632 U Street NW
Washington DC
2 Nov – 28 Dec 2007

Artomatic 2007
Arlington, VA
13 April – 20 May 2007


White, the color of innocence. The bars, the whitened baby picture (making it fade away), the dolls that aren't complete anymore and the stringent hand were obvious to me. These things gave me the feeling it's not about happy childhood...So I thought about emotions, the inner. But you made this assemblage out of objects that harmony, I understand now. For the asthetics, the external.
But then I think one thing doesn't exclude another thing.

Beautiful artwork :-))

Amazing ! creative! I like it!! :)))

Strange and intriguing...!!!

jennifer: borre del grupo la foto de tu nieta,que estaba preciosa,
por las carazteristticas de este grupo donde se exhiben desnudos,y considere que podia ser peligroso que estubiera aqui porque no se puede saber quien las mira y sabes que siempre existen personas desalmadas. besos

another fantastic box assemblage from Jennifer !!

Very creative! Intriguing!

I like all of them..

"Boîtes-R-Us"--another fantasatic box assemblage from Jennifer !!

Outstanding & intriguing work as always.

White lovely serieS!!!

BrilliaNt wOrk, Jennifer!!!

Great job! Greetings,Francesco!

Awesome. Beautiful contrast , detail and concept!

excellent, fantastic realization

Love your white box series.

Wonderful creation, Jennifer !!!


Hug, my dear Jennifer!!

Great work..!!

Nice work.

This is amazing work

white box but blues sensations, great work ! have a lovely new week , Jennifer

WOW ... this is wonderful, Jennifer !!

Lovely work Jennifer!!!

Wonderful...creativity without limits flows out of you on and on...


all (safely) behind bars...very intense

Bien produit !

With the white throughout, all colours are nicely highlighted, Jennifer! Beautifully put together and a superb presentation too! It's nice to know this was exhibited in so many places too! Good luck on your future exhibits!

Great art work.

jenniferbeinhacker.com “self taught” “white box series” “mixed media” assemblage collage “folk art” “acrylic paint” “water color paint” “box art” “art in a box” “fruit box” dolls  beads stones shells men women children faces hands sequins “visionary art”
white box series 4
mixed media: in wood box: wood dowels, house wall paint, acrylic paint, dolls, shells
11 1/2" x 12 1/2" x 2"