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Artomatic 2007
Arlington, VA
13 April – 20 May 2007


VERY NICE! I like everything about this piece! The colour, the items, I like dolls, especially decontructed dolls, so much expression!

Your boxes are very nice - like picture frames you could venture inside if you so wish.

personal box for a very personal journey...


This is great !!

...Inspiring spontaneity in white...Great one Jennifer...

Very thought provoking!!

A work of art!

You are growing in leaps and bounds!!! Fantastic display.

You're always fun, Jennifer.


Excellent!!! Great artwork!!!


fantastic work!

Always interesting to look in your boxes!

Beautiful artists' box! Very strong design. I love your artwork.

very cool!

Excellent! But a bit sad....

I can feel the process in this one!!

Extraordinary assemblage work ..Jennifer...so nice and has high level of creative expressions..

Funfantabulistique !!

This is like a trip into the psyche--& it's got so many pieces spread around, just like a comparmentalized brain, & body, holding it all from disassembling...trying to fugure it all
out--WOW! You've outdone yourself in intrigue...Collage-Nikov.


Espetacular e divina. Linda

Very interesting !

minimum survival kit ? genial !!! have a lovely day Jennifer !

it seems a sad or tragic story too

great piece, love it

Great work...easy to look at...for quite some time

Extraordinary masterpiece!

those blue eyes seem quite sad...maybe it's the bars...beautiful and poignant work

fantastic creation!

Un assemblage absolument créatif et de bon goût.

So fantastic, Jennifer!

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white box series 1
mixed media: in wood cigar box: house wall paint, found objects, doll mask, shells, stones, mirrors, feathers, bird, small tree twigs, plastic bags, safety pins
9" x 10 1/2" x 9"