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the adventure of living and traveling the world is reflected in the "mail art" series. the "mail" used is actual mail i received while living abroad.

mixed media: acrylic paint on wood, "mail", stamps

exhibited at:

Artomatic 2008
Washington, DC
9 May– 15 June 2008

comments made:

What a great imagination!

Excellent and I love the concept too!

Outstanding series..

Brilliant art!

there is an odd kind of joy in this very original image

very expressive and engaging.....!

Wonderful image!

Another great one! :))

Ciao Jennifer, your works are always so original...u.r. great! Antonella

Nice and expressive work !!!

Very nice

amazing work!

always your fan

Great Jennifer!

Wonderful artwork :-D

always cool jennifer my friend, you are so creative

Excellent image...well done my friend..!Really amazing..:)

super interesting composition

great composition !

fascinating theme Jennifer!

Cool mail :-)

So very beautiful

Wonderful work dear friend ! A wonderful week ! ; )

excellent work Jennifer. love it!!

Your imagination knows no boundaries....anywhere, anything, any thought - you transfer to wonderful Art

Your art is always so interesting to view!

Excellent! Lots of good stuff. Ring around the Rosie, fence-like mesh, all of it!

Unsettling: the world seems fenced-in; its inhabitants seem caught in a net of anger and play, between serene earth-mother and devilish gremlin. The pale blue airmail letter a token of the possibility, the persistence and the fragility of self and communication. With blindfold on we reach out for other hands, not knowing what will come.Colourful and dark.

I feel like a spectator from the safe seats, behind the fence at a ball game. Considering some of the "players" in this game, a wise choice of seating:)
Again, a thought provoking, powerful piece of very well done art.

I love the inclusion of correspondence from your travels

Superb work Jennifer.

Fantastic! Your creativity is mind boggling!

this is great, jennifer !!!

Love this super work!

Brilliant work Jennifer! I assume these came out of the envelope. Be careful opening mail... letters that have been lost in the post for decades are especially unpredictable...

so intriguing...the netting must have many metaphorical implications...for the artist AND the viewer

Great creation, my friend !! I like your note "the adventure of living and traveling the world .. "Happy week for you !


A very creative painting Jennifer, I love the introduction of the aerogramme, very ingenious! Fabulous colours and textures too! Very artistic and so nicely presented!

Great to this this fine work again, Jennifer! Hope you are well.

What an imaginative mind you have Jennifer:) Lovely work:)


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mail art 4
mixed media: on wood: acrylic paint, envelope
18" x 14"