portfolio > mail art series

exhibited at:

art space gallery
750 center street
herndon, va.
16 february-11 march, 2012

Artomatic 2008
Washington, DC
9 May– 15 June 2008

comments made:

I love this...


somehow I didn't see this one before...
so many different little things but somehow they all make sense...

cool! &humor!. like it!

it reminds me of a stage set.

Jennifer your mail art series is captivating. You pour your soul in to your work. That I can see.


Simply awesome piece of Art!!!...well done,once more,Jennifer...

something very evocative, strong piece of art!!!

There is so much to look at here.....cool!

A wonderful piece

wONEderful creation... visually a feast and mentally stimulating!

How absolutely wonderful.... could spend hours looking at all the interesting objects in this little cosmos of a window.

....jennifer is a " WORLD ARTIST " !

Really great work, Jennifer !!

Jennifer--It's impossible NOT to love everything you do! When I visit I see your magnificent works displayed & I feel honored.
You also come-up with the most ingenious constructions! I'm sure you must must share my obsession with collecting almost everything you can--for use in future masterpieces, or originally, for sentimental reasons--LOVE THIS CREATION!-

this is great ... fine work!

Amazing ! Wonderful work !!

Excellent piece! Well done!

Unreal work! Well done!

good morning dear! love this one.. nice mix of the old drawings, the dolls and your special touch!!

My suPer wooOOooW here!!!



Great series :-D

How absolutely wonderful.... could spend hours looking at all the interesting objects in this little cosmos of a window.

Beautifully done, have a good day...


Very cool piece...!!!


Beautifully inspiring work !

Very creative!


that is awesome

I love this one

so beautifully creative

Grooovy texture and rich vintage colour-great work my friend!

you use a lot of symbols yet, the most I like are the sense of color and the originality of the displaying

fantastic creation, jennifer ... as usual, very fine work !!!

Wonderful to see, Jennifer !!

You packed a lot of experiences into that box. Well done.

Again Jennifer, wonderful symbolism and detail

Très original

Love this, Jennifer!

Lovely work:))

Amazing work Jennifer, love the shell as the base for the head in the middle.

More creativity!

I love those big eyes.


superb, Jennifer, love your mixed-media !!!

Great art

wow ... this is great !!!

Very beautiful work!!

So much imagery, Jennifer, a super collation.

happy to see this artistic work again !

Stunning creation !

beautiful work of art

I like this creation very much , dear Jennifer ! I have impression that every element here reflects the ideas of "thinking", thinking about everything, about " the beginning" and "the end" too.

Amazing art, Jennifer!

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mail art 3
mixed media: wood fruit box, acrylic paint, found objects, dolls, stones, beads, bones, marble, tumbled glass, collaged paper, screening, shells, collaged matchbox, bottlecaps, cloth flowers
11" x 8" x 4 1/4"