portfolio > blood series

exhibited at:

art space gallery
750 center street
herndon, va.
16 february-11 march, 2012

Artomatic 2008
Washington, DC
9 May– 15 June 2008

comments made:


Superb! mahalo, kaleo

Excellent. Fabulous colors.

Love this!

Provocative and beyond the norms>>>Real Art...

children love cruel games... adults pretend they don't.

Impressive symbolism, piece to remembered.

as long as SOMEONE is smiling...very powerful image

se comen a la niña,que no quiere dejar de serlo

Spooky-Provocative-Mysterious and Compelling!

Beautiful work Jennifer, it reminds me of how we all gather around the family head in times of concern.

un tragico "giro tondo" ! il "giro tondo" è un gioco dei bimbi che qui in Italia è accompagnato da questa filastrocca: giro giro tondo casca il mondo tutti giù per terra !

great art Jennifer!!!

ahh...sweet chaos with lots of red...I see one of the figures is enjoying the experience

Amazing painting!

The circle of good and bad times...I would love to watch you working on your fantastic creations, Jennifer.

Blood and fire.... such basic elements in religion and a thought-provoking display of the blood part here.

Great artwork , dear Jennifer !! Very expression !!! Your imagination is stunning :-) Have a happy day, my dear friend !

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blood series 2
acrylic paint on wood
18" x 18"