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16 february-11 march, 2012

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10 march-25 june 2011


this past summer i was traveling down a back road in utah and saw a old baby doll sitting on the front porch of an antique store. i was drawn to her.

since i have so many old baby dolls sitting in my art studio, and little room for another, i decided to take a photograph of her so i could remember her.

she looked so lonely to me (hence the title). perhaps lonely for her "long ago" little girl owner?

when i came home i knew i wanted to make an art piece to remember her.

i "worked on" the colors of the photograph to suit the painted wood.
and here she is.....lonely.
but now she has a friend.


awesome work !!

Wow...powerful mix of elements and colors!!!

LOvely lonely!!!

Beautiful Jennifer !!!

this piece really draws emotion ... unique and strong work !!

Wonderful piece of work. The crackled paint is very nice too.

Jennifer you're a Genius!!!


Fantástica composición!!!

Just catching up on your latest work Jennifer. You are always so inspiring when I see your finished ideas on display. You seem to totally soar in your element. All the best to you, smiles across the miles.

Vivid, powerful and creative....

great work!

I like very much this work in green. have a great sunday

I love lonely very much...because of the colors!!! Hello Jennifer! :-))

salute, Jennifer!. I wish you very nice weekend!

Wonderful piece of work. I'm glad I read the text - the doll has much more meaning. The crackled paint is very nice too.

wonderful...have a great Sunday

Beautiful composition!


Wonderful Imagination, I love it!

my dear. i like this green

Surprising, intriguing, thrilling and exciting!!!!

Wonderful and poignant story, Jennifer, and a very creative use of materials. You've managed to convey a sense of wistfulness and nostalgia, as well as loneliness, very beautifully.

I love your unique vision.

you've got a great immagination!!!


great work !!!!!! lovely

beautiful art mix! great! :] oOo

This is a very special work, it has a spirituality.

Very Nice. Excellent.

Scary and way cool!!

crazy cool.

well done

Lovely, quite heartbreaking really!

Lovely work,,,!! Have a wonderful day,,,(-:

Vearamente un lavoro interessante....mi piace

the colors and texture in this one is great... I am really into green lately

Beautiful colors!!! Fantastic impression! Love the media! Congratulations!!!

Esta foto é fantástica… muito bom gosto...parabéns por partilhar este bocadinho de arte.

very well done

Very good work...I see her lonely too and ill....shes a child who has born in a world that humans dont take care of

Hello! Cute little baby doll! Congrats to the exhibitions! :)) Have a great week! /Malin

molto creativo !


strange and creative figures indeed ::))

I love the mint green baby's face...sweet, Jennifer! And the textures...in contrast to the soft clothing...nice...

Excellent art, Jennifer!

Survivor of Leaving. Survived Loneliness. has got New Life Thank to You. Saved childhood. colors all of us

Nice !!

I love her silk dress.. it's gorgeous!


Excellent image...well done my friend..! Really amazing..like it..!!

Great piece, Jennifer!

Great Jennifer!

Excellent art, Jennifer!

strange and creative figures indeed ::))

Great piece

i love this one !!!

Beautiful colors!!!


So Lonely!!!!! Ciao Jennifer, have a nice Sunday with Your best friends, LoLL, j

Excellent - great work!

Excellent work...nice color...

Hemos Leído y Admirado tu trabajo !

Wonderful work dear friend ! Great composition and wonderful textures and tones !

Amazing art. Have a nice week my friend.

Love it, Jennifer !!

love the composition, color, and sea washed glass ... this is a beauty!

this one is terrific....i can't explain but i begin to meet you, i think.
hello Jennifer i love this one now, so much ...friendly yours

Lovely !

Oh - poignant...wonderful art, done with emotion and feeling

Gute Arbeit!

another stellar work of art!

Beautiful creation...well done.

Oh yes, you have perfectly captured expression and sense of being left all alone! So expressive

Beutifully created jennifer

I like the composition and the colour... so lonelyness...

What a wonderful story, and the image is imbued with so many resonances....lost childhood...

a very beautiful tribute to an "old" friend ! good evening and new week Jennifer !

superbe travail*************

This touches something deep inside...I love this, Jennifer.

so cute

You found the perfect sand dollar...priceless

wonderful. and a great choice of colour for the purpose. :-) love this piece.

jennifer, I do enjoy your great artwork, so outstanding! Hope your day is going well!!

Fantastic Artwork Jennifer......


one of your simpler compositions...just as complex feelings and thoughts emerge

Really wonderful work, Jennifer!

Fabulous coloring !

jenniferbeinhacker.com  assemblage “self taught” “acrylic painting “”acrylic paint” “folk art” “mixed media” “water color paint” collage “box art” “art in a box” women men children faces hands dolls surrealism expressionism “visionary art” “primitive art”
mixed media: on found wood, photograph of doll (that i have taken in roadside flea market), tumbled glass (found on the beach), silk ribbon, shell, acrylic paint
12 1/2" X 8 1/2" X 1"