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mixed media on wood: mexican ceramic light switch cover, acrylic paint, collaged paper, 3D lady of guadaloupe postcard, gold cross, skull, blue pipe cleaners, cloth flowers, jewels, sequins, beads, button, stamp, doll, silver heart

11" X 9" X 3 1/2"


target gallery
torpedo factory art center
105 n. union street
alexandria, va. 22314
29 oct.-4 nov. 2012

Torpedo Factory Art Center
105 North Union Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
30 October- November 2010


that's a colorful shrine...with lots of beautiful details. I like your way of creativity, Jennifer.
Warm regards,Claudia

This shines!

hello Jennifer. great work, as usual.

superb work, jennifer.

Your imagination runs on rocket fuel.

wow!!!! an other masterpiece!!!

superb colours and design ... great work!

Great work with a profound influence from the mexican popular iconography..

Your art is so thrilling and very striking...your compositions are visually very powerful and highly imaginative....you have a very unique style....congrats:)

Love and life emerging in triumph over death.

bello trabajo

What an eyeful! Wonderful variety of materials & vibrant colour!

..salute Jennifer!.....Great Art as always!

Me gusta ver tus trabajos, querida amiga, que curiosos y extraños son....la imaginación ilimitada de jennifer!!!

awesome work as always, Jennifer! your hands are from a Muse themselves :) wonderful!

An ingenious project, a great work!!!!!!

Espectacular composición!!!

Hi Jennifer, your shrines are absolutely wonderful ... shrine 13 is just perfect. Very exciting work ..love it !!!! Hugs, Erika

In questa composizione visiva si rileva un eccellente bilanciamento cromatico e una piacevole nitidezza che hanno offerto all’occhio dell’osservatore una ottimizzazione della visualizzazione generale con una eccellente risoluzione globale. L’immagine è coreografata da una miscela di colori con elementi sorprendentemente suggestivi, visto l’insieme della creatività elaborata ed evidenziata. Inoltre si nota il ben curato il bilanciamento del bianco con la bella restituzione dei toni.

vibrant image full of energy and rich colours

this shrine is so beguiling to me - it's the mixture of figures - Although it's also the colors too, but it's all the rest of your figures and art. Somehow I think you are able to reach in to and remember our collective past and experiences - and your shrines and art reflects that - it's a message that's important. The aura's or the energy or the vibrations of those items you collect and depict - are so strong. it's a rare gift.

Great artwork.!!! I like your expressive style. The colors, vivid. Multiple aspects together. Very interesting too.

Majestoso, brilhante e genial. Um trabalho de luminoso talento. Lindo Jennifer

Joyful & sorrowful Dia de la Muertos shrine composed of psychic electric limbic messages
illuminating rooms & minds exploding conscious subconscious thought onto the carpets
of our imagination--I'm refreshed & recharged with the coming seconds of life, as this shrine beckons me onward! Thanks for sharing your visions,& have a great weekend, JMP.

Excellent artwork Jennifer. So much to study and reflect on.

I really do enjoy your art. Very pleasing to the eye.

Pretty, indeed--gorgeous, colorful creativity is much appreciated. :)

Great work Jennifer !!

I don't recall seeing this work before..Wow! i do absolutely adore your art dear friend! each work, a treat for the eyes and mind.

Fantastic Art Jennifer..

Fabulous art, Jennifer...I so love your creativity!

Hello Jennifer, lovely work:)

This is wonderful, full of imagery and images. I absolutely adore the top right face, (we would say "a cracking face")

One of my Favest faves from your work my friend! stunning and vibrant art.

mythical. so cool work

Awesome artwork - love the way some elements appear three-dimensional

A lovely use of artifacts and different types of materials again, Jennifer! Fabulous rich solid colours too! Beautifully creative and such a wonderful artwork presentation! It does have a Mexican flare about it too!

Phenomenal "saintly" work of art! A real masterpiece!

Fantastic creation Jennifer

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shrine 13