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the adventure of living and traveling the world is reflected in the mail art series. the "mail" used is actual mail i received while living abroad.

mixed media: in wood box: envelope, photograph, beads, shells, porcelain hand, cloth flowers, silk yarn, watercolor paint, angels, ceramic ballet shoes, birds, stamps, ribbon, old fashioned valentine (on top of box. not shown in this photograph), hand painted silk by me (on right side as you view this. not shown in this photograph), mother of pearl cameo face (not shown in this photograph), safety pins, plastic ballerina, amethyst

10" X 9 1/2" X 3 1/2"


excellent creation

lovely!! I can feel the sweetness!


wow...this is really interesting....I like it mucho...

I am in love with this one. I like the pink frame and all the soft colors together...the details are very beautiful. All the best to you, Jennifer

YouR originality rOcks!!!

beautiful assemblage!

I've not been by much recently & have quite enjoyed catching up a little.
You are right about "pretty" generally but this is so cute it works as an observation & tacit appreciation of those elements.

Nice job, interesting composition !!!

very nice. love the bird within the collage and that you have echoed it with the small bird figure . . .

travelling altar

Lovely work,,Jennifer...!!

Wonderful my friend.

your creation is truly a pleasure to take in


Interesting work!!

Excelente trabajo!!!. Tu galeria es muy creativa, innovadora y muy personal!!!

You always have such interesting "portals to the past" with your mail art pieces!

I like this piece very much! Tis femme with an 'old world ' flavour.

lovely work, as always

Intruiging as always !!! :-)

Very nice Jennifer, great. have a good day. kisses Antonella

So sensitive and personal. I love it!!

buon giorno cara Jennifer!!!!!!! che grande gioia ..... mi sei mancata, la tua grande amicizia e la tua stupenda arte... unica!!! ti auguro una splendida giornata e tanta fortuna per le tue belle foto. un abbraccio

Good morning dear

Have a wonderful weekend my friend :-D

This is very pretty. :)

Cool work, Jennifer. I love the pink with the rest of the elements!!

Very interesting work. I love Joseph Cornell, and your work reminds me of his.

awesome work my friend, you will go far far away! :) you're a great artist :)

lovely reminiscence of a very individual traveller...my congratulations !

have a good week..... this I like ever!!!!

Lovely Box


I love your art

What a beautiful artwork. Love it.

extremely great talent

i like your creative art

Couleurs Printemps !

Great work!

Amazing..truly interesting work..love it

Love this artwork, Jennifer...!

B~E~A~U~T~I~F~U~L!I like your box! Wonderful artwork. A great idea to use a mailart-envelope, it is a beauty.

great work, Jennifer! Ulla :-)

Awesome work!!!

what an interesting collage


Perfect and beautiful, Jennifer...!

Very nice

I love it!

Sutil e Sublime Obra prima Jennifer. Muito Singelo. Grande Abraço

Fabulous collage !!!

Incredibly creative :)

Beautiful art...!

So creative!

WOW! What can I say that hasn't been said! Stupendous! Creative! Sacred! Mysterious!
Healing & genuine! Love it all, Collage-Nikov. Best wishes for a great week-end!

love. this.

What an idea !! :) Fantastic !!!

Interesting piece. I love the hand in the lower left offering us a personal letter or mail. Nice one Jennifer.

Totally cool, Jennifer. Happy New Year!

This is awesome work!

Muito bom trabalho com grande criatividade!! Abraço.


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