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there are times, when i am in between art pieces, that i walk around my house and art studio and look at my work and think (of a particular piece or 2 or 3....) "that is good!". and then i start to feel that i will never be able to do anything again that "good" (as i view my art). i start to feel that "i have said, in my art, everything there is to be said. i have nothing further to say/do". i start to feel "who am i kidding. me an artist. there are so many amazing artists out there in the world".
in other words, i am assailed by the "demons" of "doubt"!. and these "demons" do get me down. sometimes it is hard for me to start working, and once i do, i do not like what i am producing (although that often changes when i am finished and view the piece).

this self portrait is me....the demons have "gotten to me". i "doubt" myself as an artist (not all the time does this happen, but...).
so i decided to exorcise the demons by "getting them out" (in this painting).


You have here an amazing set of your artworks! WOW! The information you give is very very interesting indeed!

Such a brilliant portrait ART Jennifer

I feel the way you described all the time. The demon of self-doubt runs amok in my spirit frequently! As always, I adore you work.

I love your self portraits and I think all artists are plagued by the demons at some point....I love how you have exorcised them through your art...

Complimenti! Non saprei quale scegliere!! Tutti belli come il sole!

jennifer, what an outstanding piece. I know the doubt and demons you speak of!!. fantastic work.

Fascinating work!!!

It is very courageous to show yourself so openly and explain your inner self to us.
I have already said and will not get tired to tell you that I love your work with all the colorful and so lively aspects ...not everything in life is beautiful and i like that you show us in your work ALL the different aspects ...as even the acceptance of the dark parts make us whole...your work is an inspiration to integrate all the aspects of our self...to reconcile...
I exactly know what you mean when you talk about something good of your work.
Whenever i have made (in my eyes) a good poem...I am very sure that I have never again any words...the same with paintings...I am also sure that i cannot create something new...although I have made another experience before...but I think it will go on and on and when i hear that voice again i say ...ah hello here you are again...we will see....
I also believe that this thoughts and feelings are the drive spring to push us forward into new creations.
Greetings, Claudia

Simply fantastic!!

Me encantaron tus autoretratos,sobretodo el de las mascaras de calaveras,los colores,son muy originales y expresivos,muy bueno tu trabajo,te felicito nuevamente

hello Jennifer, I love how you express yourself so well with your bright colors .... even when the demons are standing in the way ... you make them bright ... I understand your emotion and experience this too .... best wishes in your journey of all that you have to say and all that you do !!!!!
I hope you let nothing stop you, sincerely, gayle

your work has so many interesting elements. love the activity here.

...and yet we must confront every and each of them. Very valuable and deep work.

beautiful and powerful. You express yourself in an awesome way...bright colors and victory!!!! Blessings all the way.....

Molto belli i tuoi lavori.

Well.....after having scrolled down what seemed to be hundreds of wonderful comments, I am almost lost for words. Not just your art, but your explanation of your feelings... I feel for you. I also have a feeling of being gagged and can't find a way to put into an image how I feel or what I think. My demons are in some cases other people, who invade my private world with their little lives and small minds. I love your work Jennifer, please don't let your brushes dry.

That's indeed art and the title suits well to the composition! Happiness to you and all!

Hello Jennifer. amazing "self portrait". How are you? have a nice evening


superb self portrait :) good evening

-thank you for sharing with me your "amok" self doubts. nice to know i am not alone!


Cool work^^

Simply fantastic!!

Hello! Jennifer. Very Beautiful, good colors and contrast, of your Art Work and please!
"don`t let the demons get you down". "Perfect and Excellent Art Work". Congratulations!!! I wish you have a excellent Weekend, hugs, josetadeus

Wonderful my friend.

great job you did well and I think in this way art becomes therapy: very good!!

Hola,nuevamente veo tus pinturas,me parecen entre naif y dark,jajajja,son una mezcla muy entretenida,me parecen como sueños,algo de surrealismo,no se,pero me encantan,tiene que estar en una exposicion,se lo merecen!!!!!!

hi Jennifer. fantastic painting!! :)


You have great work!

today this work hits like a jackpot...still loving it*

...and yet we must confront every and each of them. Very valuable and deep work.

The whole collection is beautiful and powerful. You express yourself in an awesome way...bright colors and victory!!!! Blessings all the way.....

yeah.. been there too girlfriend... i sometimes call it the "gollum" like in lord of the rings... the voice that likes to criticize and judge... an also sometimes sabotages when we are doing well and moving in a positive direction. we all have it.. but-- bravo that you are aware and rising above-- this is the way..to face it head on. :)

angry little creatures....but with warm hearts!!!

these are brilliant - very well done! :)

Excellent .. i love this one. Well I love all of them!



;-) Cool !!!!!!!!!!


refreshingly honest....Luv your description and can relate in many ways...!

Dear Jennifer, I chose this picture for the New Year Wishes, but for Each Day, Each Moment wish. I wish You Love, Joy, Harmony!!
Good Fights, too. They are necessary for one kind of people. For the Flying People. The People who fly in All Directions. Because Fly brings its package :-)
I feel You are one honest, strong, cruel, Tender Fighter. The Fighter who never save yourself. You go right to the end of Emotions. Exploring All Sides.
Right to the end of the experiences, painful one, too....Love and respect for all what You are doing here. It is so personal, so open, so brave vulnerable. So Beautiful!! Pure Power of Art and Pure Power of the Person.
Sometimes too powerful and disturbing, really disturbing to me. But it is the price of Art and Truth, and Facing It. Flesh and Emotion!! .
Not the plastic butterfly in the stomach :-)...All the best to You and Your loved!!...Vesna

Another great one !!!! :))

Hello my friend !!! Nice to see you :-))



Pure Mythology springing from within!!

Fabulous series. Love very much number 6.

Okay...this one made me laugh with delight...the tongues do it for me!!!

Well conceived piece! I hope it served (and maybe continues to serve) its purpose for you. Making art is no different than anything else in your life in that some times it is remarkable and other times just mundane or ordinary. As long as you do not stagnate and continue to grow, you can find pleasure in a little part of a piece or in its final destruction, should that be your choice. Keep working!

Very Amazing & brilliant! Fabulous tones, spLendid work!


amazing work!!!!!!!

Bonita captura ,buen trabajo y edición,que tengas un feliz dia,saludos cordiales desde Cádiz-España.

Hi; Jennifer. The 'Demons of Doubt' are usually my companions. :( Well done to you for using them to actually be Creative with this great piece. I imagine for an artist such as yourself, it must be like 'writer's block'?

Hi Jennifer, Have a Nice Weekend my friend:)

Smile and embrace those demons, they won't stay long.

beautiful work!!!! have a good weekend!!!


you mean negative thoughts.. huh? your lookin prettier than ever

Wonderfully bizarre.

I agree . Integrate them by allowing them a space - they are only poor old parts of the Self (often forgotten) .

love it !!!

The human spirit is capable of defeating any demon....it can be strong & resilient. It only needs to realise the demons are not there actually! No Cowards Soul is Mine...
Great image, Jennifer...now show one with Demons vanquished, and the Human Spirit triumphant in peace and harmony....
Yes, Jennifer. The Soul at peace, mind and body in harmony with the world of Nature. Clean air in mind and lungs.....that equity we can find within ourselves. For it is there. The past is behind us, today we live, tomorrow has its own possibilities. The fine line can be found, within us all.

Fantastic art, Jennifer! Yes...those unloved parts of ourself can mess up our life if we don't accept them. Listening to their story was something that I did too...was fascinating and enriching.


I feel those doubts too...but not so colorfully. Excellent work as always.

Exceptional work of art! I think we all go through these doubts at times one way or another. Sometimes the past is more comfortable than the uncertainty of the future!

You have said it all here Jennifer, excellent work and remember Demons are there to be beaten and so make us stronger.

I've stared at this a long time now...stunning work

This is great artwork

Wonderful, the person lies sleeping peacefully, and the demons can fight alone....

Well thought and done, Jennifer !

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self portrait 7: don't let the demons get you down
mixed media on wood: acrylic paint, indoor house paint, stamps
24" X 19"