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mixed media in fruit box: wall paint, collaged pictures of doll's heads that i made, collaged paper, shells. sequins, doll's hands, dolls, stamp, safety pins, beads, stone, weathered glass, mirrors, cloth flower, barrette, buttons, top of a box, plastic birds, small angel

12" X 11" X 4"


there are times when i have a no idea what art piece i want to create. a sort of "writer's block" of the paint brushes!!!
when this happens to me i just make "anything".....telling myself it does not have to be "great art" ..just do something to get my creative juices flowing (so to speak).
i was experiencing one of those "dreaded" blocks and this is what i made to deal with it.
when this happens i am sometimes pleased with what i have created..and sometimes i just laugh at myself and put it away.
i thought i would share with you all the art piece that resulted from my most recent "bump in the road"!!!


art space gallery
750 center street
herndon, va.
16 february-11 march, 2012


I really enjoy your work !!! I too experience like a halt. before proceeding into somewhere I have no idea where.... but jumping in or tiptoeing in as the case may be , over here, is so fun and gets you moving again... really like this piece !!!!!! makes me smile !!!!

Jennifer, you have created a truly unique work in this piece. Boxes offer so much room for the imagination to run free. I love how so many elements are white allowing the bits of color to stand out. Plenty to see and interpret in many ways. A fabulous creation :-)

You have creative genius!!

Bellissima, Jennifer

Wonderful Jennifer, great work, well done. ciao, Antonella

LOve these whites in your new masterpiece, my friend!!!

This is gorgeous. Jennifer. Your creativity is amazing!

Truly wonderful.

Great Job, Jennifer! Well Done Art!

Bravissima ottima composizione :)

very cool art & great style

Pues...sigue compartiendo tus obras en esos momentos en los que no sabes que vas a hacer, merece la pena verlos y mucho, mi curiosa y querida amiga

Very interesting the comments you wrote about your creative moment. Being an artist is to be, not only to want. Congratulations on your work!!

great expressions on the faces love the eyes

this is wonderful; love this!

There's some thing very magical about this work.

Jennifer, your work is very original, composition and colours !!! I like it !!! Congratulations !!!

This is so wonderful work..very unique and stylish..also has high standards of creativity....well done ..Jennifer. congrats:)

Stunning piece of art Jennifer.

Another swell piece of creativity!

I find many suggestion in this work, really full of concepts !

loving the lightness..."writer's" block ends up producing some great art

Fabulous work

GreAt !!!

I love this, great work!!

I love this one !

great assemblage

Curiosa imagen!! Me gusta eso tan raro.

Amazing work, Jennifer!

Heehee Jennifer, this is quite different for you with the starkness of white, but it does enhance the pastel colours of the heads! So, it becomes a very effective presentation! It's amazing what materials you find and use for your creation! Beautiful work and a fabulous composition!
PS - when one does the same type of thing for a very long time, it's inevitable that one runs out of ideas for a moment. Personally, I don't think it's a matter of re-energizing, but to do something completely different for a short period of time, and whatever else you do that is different with provide your with new ideas. I'm sure you did this too! :-))

Another superb creation, Jennifer! I love the whites and other light colors in this one, and always love to see shells in your work.

Magnifique manipulation faciale ici !

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