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when life goes well there is an inner sense of joy and peace. i feel i can do anything i want to do...even reach for the heavens. nothing is beyond my grasp!
i am riding high (on the horse).
the figure on the lower right is me looking at all i have/will accomplished, specifically in my art.
my hand is outstretched as i reach for new expression, new adventures, new directions. the baby in the hand is me growing and maturing as an artist.
the green face is me looking off into the future to see what awaits....the sun, the moon, the stars!


My Beautiful Friend! This painting is Ode to Joy!! Ode to Life!! Celebrating Life by Itself! and Celebrating our Aliveness !! Inner Aliveness!! You are Full with It!! Colored so strong!! You give and gift my Life with very important Colors.
Thank You, my dear Jennifer.

your work is truly one of a kind. love the expressiveness. :-)

That's a beautiful and colorful thought provoking piece...
You do paintings one can look at again and again.

Hi Jennifer, Really enjoying your new self portrait and the bonus of the earlier ones !!! you have shed a whole new light on your works, by explaining to us , not only how your visions and your works/play come about.. but some of the mysteries of who you are... the interpretations are so perfect for you and your understanding of yourself ... I am inspired and interested ... you are vibrant and unique, thank you for sharing so many parts, not just the images... sending best wishes and happiness to you , sincerely, gayle !!

Fantastic, fantastic , fantastic !!! Love your self portraits so much , very impressive! Amazing descriptions too !! Brilliant work !

Such a joyful positive energy in this work !!!!!!!!!!!

beautiful!! love your art !! love the colors you use !!

sei unica e veramente brava!!!! Spero di vedere le tue stupende opere dal vivo perché mi piacciono veramente tanto, quando un mostra in Italia??? tuo ammiratore lucio

Unusual work, and I like it.

This painting is like a Goddess itself! Great use of colors as always and wonderful vision

Tiene un estilo muy picasiano, juegas muy bien con los colores y las formas, aunque no es un tipo de pintura que me guste, lo haces muy bien. Un abrazo.

Jennifer FANTASTIC set and style here! And such an insight into you and your processes, as well as the artistic bent in general that spelunks around inside a lot of folks! Thanks!

i am often curious regarding where one comes across an image. have a great evening :-)

amazing work......

I scrolled through your page and saw every picture and enjoyd every one! Your a great artist,i like your work a lot, respect!!

All great works, very evocative and so in touch with your personally charged art!!!!

you go, jennifer, keep on riding high!

Great to feel free. : ))

Very cool....

Unusual work, and I like it.

Belle galerie !

Wonderful my friend.

I was trying to work this out …

Then I saw your explanation …What I have is a combination of the two; my original thoughts and your thoughtful explanation … this, truly, is wonderful art ….

Awesome pieces Jennifer. Congrats !!

beautiful l!! love your art !! love the colors you use !!

Great image, Jennifer! I like it!

... what to say- amazing art works, my dear! i have to come back again...:]

Very interesting, Jennifer!

You are such a happy artist <3. :-)) will visit again and again, nice to know you jennifer ;-))

wow! love your colors!!!

Love this tremendously !!

Great imagination!

very cool

Love this!!! Great work!!!!

nice one!!!

You look great in pink, Jennifer, more please!!!

Jennifer...this one has a bit of whimsy with your self-portrait and colors afloat in all the wonderful colors. I can pick your work out now so easily...

You have a wonderfully original and satisfying style, Jennifer. I love this self portrait series very much.

Fascinating series. Different aspects of a person I thought I knew! Thoughtful and intriguing.

São obras de lúdica e mágica poesia. Extraordinárias e divinas na essência. Apreciar essas artes é encontrar o encantado e o divino. Parabéns. Muito emocionante e belo.

Lovely, Jennifer...!

wonderful series Jennifer, I can imagine the sun moon and stars in your work

Simply superb..all.

excellent !!!


hi jennifer ... great work, as usual!

Very good!!!

HI Jennifer~ I love the eyes at the top...Hope all is well...Take care~ Susan

This is brilliant artwork

love this one Jennifer..inspiring :-)

good.keep flyin high. yer so happy inna dis self-portrait. luv yer big smile


A view, perhaps, into the subconscious. Excellent artwork.

This is really good a wonderful presentation of your feelings, Jennifer !! Love it !!!!!!!!!

This is very interesting.

Yes, I like your artwork...and your nterpretation is very interesting for me :-) Thousands of thoughts are painted in paintings....~~~

They are paintings to see slow, with many details, some to the naked eye, others something hidden ...

Nice work. I particularly like your detailed description of what you were portraying. It is good to look at art and decide what the piece demonstrates, but it is also good to know what the artist intended.

Beautiful Jennifer, love the big smile of satisfaction.

Magnificent work of art!

Really good !!!!

Another thought provoking image Jennifer, Enjoy your week.

Super art!

Joyful, uplifting, confident

beautiful expression of your personal evolution...who can say when it will end?...never, if all goes well

Wonderful creation!

your creative self is boundless...great work

I wonder if it is true, Jennifer, the colours one thinks about, uses and dresses, can determine the person's feelings, outlook and attitude? With what I see, is happy, bright and enjoyable! A beautiful painting of your inner self!

Beautiful once again, Jennifer, and it was great reading your description of all the element meanings. Thanks!

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self portrait 6: flying high
mixed media: acrylic paint on wood, stamps
24" x 19"