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i had this "garden trellis" in my garden for several years. and yes, the "objects" were attached (i have a strange garden!). when i felt the trellis was sufficiently "weathered" i brought it in and "made art"!
i usually put objects in my garden to weather them. i like the "look".

of course the "back" painting was not weathered in my garden. i painted it and attached the trellis to it.

mixed media: weathered garden trellis, dolls, nails, collaged paper, bone, jewels, shells, cord, drink stirrer, glass globules, beads, mirrors, safety pins, necklace, barrette, milagros, straight pins, acrylic paint, spray paint, watercolor paint, glass hearts, key chain

38" x 18 1/2" x 3"

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weathered garden trellis 1: eden twisted 2