Jennifer Beinhacker - Art Outside The Edge
africa series 9: making mud cloth: 3
mixed media on wood: watercolor paint, painting of mud cloth fabric, bone, shells, nails, wood stripping, african fetish, buttons, beads from africa.

24"X 19"

this new art piece is a totally different "style" for me (sort of). for those of you familiar with my art you know that i have worked in mixed media/collage previously.
but normally i do not work "non representationally" (if that is the correct word?). there are usually "figures" "people""creatures" in my art.
however, for this piece, they did not seem to belong.
i must confess that it was quite hard for me to NOT put a figure/face/hand/etc. in the art piece. i resisted mightily...and am pleased i did. they would not compliment the piece i don't think.

still, this is a new style for me...and although i like it and am quite turned out exactly as i envisioned it in my mind's eye before i began...i am still not use to not seeing my "usual cast of characters".

i am pleased that i tried something different and new (for me). an auspicious way to begin 2010!


Jennifer, this is absolutely beautiful, your talent is so far reaching ... a great pleasure to see this new art form !!

I like the colours and harmony in your art fascinating

Very very very nice image, Jennifer...!Love the colours! Hello..!!!

Amazing composition! The entire collection is great! Bravo, Jennifer!

fantastic, Jennifer!!

What a great series!!!

very nice work

beautiful image, great art work !

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