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mixed media on wood: watercolor paint, mud cloth (made by me), animal jawbone, shells, nails, twine, cigar mold, african fetish, fetish magical powers bracelet, bone, beads from africa.

24"X 19"


laurel art guild
9652 Muirkirk Road
Laurel, MD 20708
March 5 -28, 2010

this new art piece is a totally different "style" for me (sort of). for those of you familiar with my art you know that i have worked in mixed media/collage previously.
but normally i do not work "non representationally" (if that is the correct word?). there are usually "figures" "people""creatures" in my art.
however, for this piece, they did not seem to belong.
i must confess that it was quite hard for me to NOT put a figure/face/hand/etc. in the art piece. i resisted mightily...and am pleased i did. they would not compliment the piece i don't think.

still, this is a new style for me...and although i like it and am quite satisfied...it turned out exactly as i envisioned it in my mind's eye before i began...i am still not use to not seeing my "usual cast of characters".

i am pleased that i tried something different and new (for me). an auspicious way to begin 2010!


wonderful art !!
I like fabric, clothes, and small articles in Africa, India, and Indonesia.
wonderful of work to use peculiar pattern and wooden form. Fact of handmade.
the fantastic experience gives birth to the bang-up job !!

I like this a lot!

This is a fantastic work Jennifer! All of the different elements are wonderful--LOVE the palette you used!

Visually and texturally fascinating! Nice piece with some great concepts and execution.

A very interesting piece Jennifer! I like its rustic quality.

I love to see your new work!

Your "non representationally" is one from your best. You should watch twice by that way. Your image talk a lot. you have something new to discover in that direction!

great work and structure.

¡¡Buena edición en un buen trabajo!!

Creative and open to many ideas

la tua arte colpisce la mente in profondità e suscita emozioni

Love the colour , great mixed !!!!

yes....it is different for you, but it is still sensational.

Me gusta mucho mi querida amiga, la sencillez, el color tierra....Africa te influyó mi niña... la fotografía me encanta. Besos

hi Jennifer, this in absolute is mine preferred!
Attract a lot me both as, both because makes me dream Africa, then the objects is really genial that have used in this your picture!
Still a great compliment for your great artistic ingeniousness!

This is truly wonderful work..wow the materials you put in your work are so different and amazing..the composition is excellent and i love the mud cloth...your works always has this uniqueness and style of your own..love it my friend...all the best..congrats:)

Hi Jennifer, I really love it! A pleasure to discover it. Good luck with your work!

Awesome work of art! The colors are exceptional!

The lines and tonal range make this perfect. Superb harmony

Superbe hommage et expression de l'art africain.... bravo !

You do such interesting pieces, I envy your talent.


well done ... i like this assemblage very much!

Very beautiful.

I love your very creative approach. Bravo

Marvelous work!

Highly original, beautiful painting !

great work, jennifer!

Eccellente resa cromatica, ottimo scatto!

Fascinating piece

Awesome work , have a nice weekend Jennifer .


beautiful work!

This picture with African theme I like very much. Africa speaks from the image. Many greetings, Hans

love the geometry here

Nice textures and design

Excellent work Jennifer !!

Superbes couleurs ! les couleurs de l'Afrique !

Lovely to see this again:))

Lovely tones and lines in this one, Jennifer.

Mysterious and primal. I think it's good practice to sometimes work entirely with symbols - and of course paying attention to the building blocks of visual imagery: colour, texture, shape, line. Great work, Jennifer!

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africa series 9: making mud cloth: 1