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pastels on cardboard framed on wood

24" x 19"

comments made:

beautiful creation, with pleasing colour

Original and a very well defined style. A favorite.

Hi, jennifer, i love this. the colors are fantastic. is that adam in the middle with his back turned??

Outstanding piece!


Another great one, Jennifer. I looked at it again !!

eve got a bad rap, know what i mean?*so many thoughts about that*fantastic creative beautiful work

extremely good!

What a series!!!

Love it !!!!!

fabulous work jennifer! ;-)

I love the colors in this one, Jennifer...!

Creative narrative, subtle color, rhythm and music!!

Love the style

Excellent work..!!

wishing you all the best for 2012 - I have so enjoyed looking at your pictures during the year. Thank you.

Beautiful purple tones

powerful...and beautiful

WOW!...Amazing work! So colorful! Love it!

fantastic work about this theme !

So much symbolism, Jennifer......ah, Eve.....!!

I wonder how woman was represented before the advent of Christianity.....as a Goddess I think.....earth, life, fertility....

Terrific composition Jennifer,

Nice one, Jennifer!

Another beauty!

Stunning composition! Love the theme and colors!

Amazing art Jennifer

More of your very creative and imaginative work! Hope you are well.


Wonderful series!

Stunning image and composition!

Wonderful to see ... super work, Jennifer !!

Enjoying this one again

I find this such a reassuring image, Jennifer.

Beautiful artwork Jennifer and a fabulous use of pastel colours too! I'm so glad they brought some food for this garden party, lol! A wonderful creation!

Well done as always! I particularly like the two fish in the corner.

Excellent, well done ;-)

very effective scene, beautiful colours combo ! have a lovely time Jennifer !

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pastel 29: all about eve