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my newest art show:

Torpedo Factory Art Center on the Waterfront in Old Town Alexandria.
105 North Union Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314


having travel extensively in mexico, new mexico and central america my artistic senses were excited by the powerful images and beliefs i encountered.
i felt compelled to produce these art pieces so that i could incorporate these cultural beliefs in my work.
"day of the dead" is both a solomn and joyous occasion.
i have successfully given rise to both the meaning of this day and to the celebration of the beliefs this day encapsulates through these three media statements.
come celebrate with me..........

opening night was very exciting.
many many many art loving patrons attended the show.

to start the show we had an enormous parade, complete with a drumming band, down king street and around other alexandria old town streets to the torpedo factory gallery.

everyone was dressed in gala halloween costumes, including all the people in old town who joined our parade.

in addition to all the wonderful "day of the dead" art pieces, shrines, altars, etc., there was a cash bar, and many musical groups from swing to country to rock. there was also a masked ball.

the place rocked all night.

i had many positive comments about my art and most of my business cards were taken.

the three pieces in the show are:

pastel 28: dia de los muertos

pastel 24

shrine 6: mexican fantasy 3


This is outstanding work

very impressive

Es una composicion magistral, saludos


Love both your work and the way you are so happy with it

FANTASTIC1 Bravo, Jennifer!

Excellent! I love El dia de los muertos...very life affirming!